The Batman vs. Dracula


Action / Animation / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 8257

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Peter Stormare as Dracula
Tom Kenny as The Penguin
Tara Strong as Vicky Vale
Jeff Bennett as Arkham Asylum Inmate / Additional Voices
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kyle-mcdonald 7 / 10

Two legendary bats, one movie

Let me start off by saying that I've always been a huge fan of both batman and Dracula. I've seen pretty much all of the batman movies, TV shows, and played all the video games. I have read the Dracula novel, and have enjoyed watching many of the film adaption's. Since I've enjoyed batman through my entire life and have also been a horror movie fan, I was delighted to hear of this original idea of putting the two legendary bats in one movie. I must say although not the best batman nor the best Dracula movie it definitely did not disappoint.

Gotham is as usual, full of villains and Bruce Wayne continues to struggle balancing his personal life with his duty as the batman. It's an ordinary night until suddenly Batman gets the call that the Joker and the Penguin have escaped from Arkham Asylum and the chase is on. Following the events of the night the trail of the Peguin has gone cold and he has strangely disappeared. As the nights continue to come and go, people mysteriously disappear without a trace, and all of a sudden a dark and grim man arrives and everything is not well as the man turns out to be the Batman's greatest challenge of them all, the one and only...the legendary...Dracula.

The first thing I noticed about this was the originality and cleverness of placing these two famous bats in one movie in a really interesting storyline. we see how Bruce is having difficulty in finding time for his personal life as he never gets to spend anytime with his love interest Vickie Vale as every time he does get time he gets time with her duty calls. The best part of this story is how we see Batman be met with such a challenge, that even he thinks he can't over come, but he never gives up and continues to drive for the answer to the question on how to defeat the indestructible Dracula. One thing I found disappointing in the story was the lack of twists and turns, of course there was a few but not near as many as I had hoped for. The biggest let down I felt was the number of stand offs between Batman and Dracula, I was hoping for more but in the end the climax of the film really made up for it.

The voice over cast did a wonderful job in this cartoon such as: Rino Romano as Bruce Wayne/The Batman, Peter Stormare as Dracula, Tara Strong as Vickie Vale, Tom Kenny as Peguin, Kevin Michael Richardson as the Joker, and Alastair Duncan as Alfred. Each actor does a great job as there character especially Kevin Michael Richardson as the Joker, I've always found he does and excellent job although not as good as Mark Hamill but he is not far off. I found myself mildly disappointed with Peter Stormare as Drcula it seems as though his accent keeps changing in different parts of the movie, given this he still does a good job but it could have been better. All other voice actors do and excellent job.

I love the character designs in this cartoon, I'll always prefer the Batman: the animated series design but this one never disappoints me. I like the Dracula in this, although it mainly follows the original movie design it adds a new original spin on Draula as when he attacks his prey he seems to turn into a gargoyle looking creature which really looked cool in my opinion. My all time favourite design in this cartoon was the vampire Joker, the fangs, the more sinister looking eyes, the way he goes crazy over blood, everything about the vampire Joker really put the biggest smile on my face.

When the movie came to an end I was not disappointed, although I seen many places for improvement, I seen many more things that made a good enjoyable movie. From the great storyline, originality, great voice over cast, and pretty good action sequences, this movie is fun and great for anyone who is a fan of Batman and Dracual. So make sure you rent or buy the Batman vs. Dracula.

Overall rating: ******* out of **********

***1/2 out of *****

Reviewed by minamurray 8 / 10

Good vampire film, animated or not

This review comes from a fan of Gothic vampire stories like Dracula, and someone who has sporadically enjoyed Batman in comic books but never cared about the film series - including Dark Knight. Batman VS Dracula: The Animated movie (2005) is refreshingly old-fashioned and successfully atmospheric story where Dracula has his Gothic style, including preference for eeriely beautiful graveyards. This is not some trashy upstart like vampires from cooler-than-thou garbage Blade - and to put it bluntly, the word "cool" makes me think sleazy bully who tortures fat nerds and sleeps in his own filth when drunk. One typical mistake - Dracula burns in sunlight, unnecessary twist added by movie makers in 1922 - is used in the film, but that does not affect the atmosphere, of course. Animated or not, this is one of the best vampire films of the decade, which has been full of trash.

Reviewed by lycanthropic_nerev 10 / 10

Surprisingly Excellent

I got this expecting a usual icon vs. icon movie like Alien vs. Predator, good in theory, but really only good for a few laughs over how goofy it is. Unexpectedly, I received a very good movie. Dracula was very well done as an aristocratic noble/bloodsucking Nosferatu. Batman has his typical gadgets and intelligence, also using his ability to view every angle to not completely ignore the obvious like most vampire movie heroes. Having an enemy that was truly more powerful than Batman was a welcome reprieve after a seventeen years of watching the invincible superman on my television. I suggest getting this movie as soon as possible.

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