The Beach


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 208526


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Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard
Robert Carlyle as Daffy
Virginie Ledoyen as Françoise
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emilyzongqi37 8 / 10

If you travel, you'll understand

When you travel, you are surrounded by people. Amidst all that foreign intrigue, you are truly alone - an opportunity to be truthful to your instincts.

When you are young and you travel, recklessness and the need to experience drive almost all your decision, well other than budgetary constraints.

It is therefore quite truthful at times to relate to the character who is in search of this ultimate freedom, a place where all your worldly obligations are suspended and irrelevant.

The movie is an irony. Not only externally, that though it depicts the end purity of nature when fox's being sued for environmental damage, but also that any man-found paradise is not free, but with a price and in this case, could be the ultimate price.

I truly enjoyed the movie especially at times the sparks of life's insight and moments of traveller's consciousness that when you are there, in that destination, IT becomes reality and no longer are you foreign and problems arise regardless.

Though the romance is distracting, Etienne, Canet's portrayal is quite the eye candy.

Definitely a watch, but may not appeal to all tastes.

Reviewed by dsgoorevitch 1 / 10

Shallow would be a compliment. In fact, it's mindless.

Well, Hollywood gave us a good self-portrait of what self-involved human-hating parasites they are.

None of the "romance" has the slightest feeling or passion. It's all possessiveness or like going to the toilet: a mere bodily function. To call it "love/adventure" is to insult both love and adventure.

What adventure? The narrator (the narration done in a voice absent of affect) tells a tale of someone pretty mindless who travels somewhere and finds something a little less interesting than Woodstock or Burning Man.

There is no reason for anything being what it is. No character development because there were, frankly, no real characters.

Even death is portrayed as "naturally" justifiable, even murder. But mostly just meaningless.

The last line the narrator says was laughable. It reminds me of the 10th rate bit of BS I saw written on a restaurant wall near my house: "In the infinite moments it takes to read these words, you will have lived forever." Like the pseud-koan on the wall, not a single part of that or this movie is true.

Hollow, empty, dishonest. No such people exist, have existed, or ever will exist. Save your time.

Reviewed by giggcarter 9 / 10

A paradise must exist.

In my late teens early twenties and somewhat with the world at my feet, an open mind, a list for adventure and travel. Very much did the beach inspire me to journey the world. A uplifting and energetic soundtrack score that mixes memories with belief and life. As we get older our innocence falls and we become a norm, Life kinda slows and we become set back and comfortable. The film shows life is for living. The natural beauty of our world is our paradise and the feeling within is our ultimate paradise. If u get the film it's all about living. Leo is fine and has developed into a tour de force actor. Tilda is super.

A film that inspires adventure.

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