The Beverly Hillbillies


Comedy / Family

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Lea Thompson as Laura Jackson
Rob Schneider as Woodrow Tyler
Cloris Leachman as Granny
Erika Eleniak as Elly May Clampett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Syl 9 / 10

I only wish there was more of it!

I liked this film version of the television show because it makes me laugh on a rainy day or when I am having a bad day. The casting is excellent. I feel that Jim Varney plays an excellent Jed Clampett. I wish there was a sequel when he was still alive. Sadly, he's gone. I think we saw him apart from his Ernest character a lot more in Jed. He seem to feel right at home in this character. Cloris Leachman is a hoot as Granny and I really felt that she enjoyed the role. Erika Leniak does an actually good job as Elly May Clampett. She seems to fit at right home with the role. I liked Diedrich Bader as both Jethro and his twin sister Jethrine. Bader is really an excellent comedic actor. I thought Lily Tomlin played Ms. Jane Hathaway in her own updated style. I felt this Jane had more gusto than Nancy Culp did in the series. Dabney Coleman is always fun to see and in this one as Drysdale. I liked him and Tomlin together. I liked Penny Fuller as Mrs. Drysdale and Kevin O'Connell who plays their son, Morgan. I felt Morgan and Elly could have gotten together. I liked Linda Carlson as Jethro's mother. I wished she was on more. Rob Schneider and Lea Thompson really do a good job as con-artists after the Clampetts. But I really enjoyed watching this film to see the stars like Zsa Zsa Gabor, Miguel Ferrer, Buddy Ebsen as Rockford, Dolly Parton, etc. Their cameos made it worth while to see them. It's nice to see Zsa Zsa poke fun at herself on screen in anything.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Cinematic adaptation from known TV series with minimal story but some moment is entertaining

This film based on successful TV series by Paul Henning. It begins when mountaineer Jed accidentally discovers a surprise in his property because he has struck oil during a shooting, gotten million of dollars, and turning instantly billionaire . Then he packs his backwoods family and heads to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.They change into a lush mansion , but still live like Hillbillies because they still dress tattered ragged suits and rustics costumes .The hillbillies clan are Jed(Jim Varney in the role of Buddy Ebsen), a good-hearted and kind father looking new spouse, his daughter Elly May(Erika Elinak, role of Donna Douglas),an extraordinary gorgeous but incredibly ingenious and pursued by a suitor(Kevin Connolly), the Granny(Cloris Leachman), a senile, paranoid and obstinate old woman and Jethro(Dietrich Vader, role of Max Baer) , he's idiot though strong, he's actually only acting like an authentic stupid and doesn't even realize it. Besides, the ambitious banker(Dabney Coleman) and his botcher helper(Lily Tomlin) who will make anything of keep the Camplett family money in his bank. Meanwhile, they are duped by a mean pair(Lea Thompson and Rob Schneider).

Everyone casting does rightly their impersonations from television characters with special mention of Jim Varney as the sensible and good father looking for wife and particularly, Dietrich as a double role as the dumb Jethro and his sister, furthermore a likable Granny, well incarnated by Cloris Leachman. Appear special cameos, Zsa Zsa Gabor as a delinquent, Dolly Parton singing country music and Buddy Ebsen, the original Jed , reprises another of his television acting, Barnaby Jones.The film contains a stunning music score with ballads by Scoggins like the original series, songs by Dolly Parton and Hank Williams and soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin. The motion picture is regularly directed by Penelope Scpheeris. Rating: Average but amusing. The film will like to nostalgics and hardcore series fans.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 5 / 10

A New Beginning And Ending Would Have Really Helped

I enjoyed the bulk of the film - the middle part. It was just the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes that I thought were incredibly too stupid to enjoy.

In that middle segment, Diedrich Baker's and Lily Tomlin's facial expressions were the highlight. I didn't mind staring at Erica Eleniak and Lea Thompson, either! It is an entertaining cast, I'll give it that, with Jim Varney, Cloris Leachman, Dabney Coleman and Rob Schneider among others. There also is some very good country music in the soundtrack, too.

Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot of positive things to say because, really, much of the humor is Dumb, yes - with a capital "D."

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