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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brent-fontes 3 / 10

Confusing and erratic

I loved the premise and the concepts were intriguing, but it was so poorly written and edited. There were too many cyberpunk tech horror themes crammed in, but none of them were developed well. Since the themes and characters weren't developed well all the scenes felt so jumpy as it just kept cutting to one disparate scene to another or suddenly the characters level of emotion or direction had changed. Then there was weird sexual undertones that I haven't even processed yet lol. The director of the operations was so creepy, felt like he was going to molest everyone, so maybe he was actually well casted if that was his role. The monopoly scene was so weird, I was waiting for a pillow fight to break out. The acting was so over the top that it ruined any potential payoff on the jumpy scenes. Music selection was odd, it felt like It should be playing in an indie coffee shop and a lot of times was used as a transition. I wanted to like this film and I tried to be understanding of its limited indie budget but it's just so bad in many ways.

Reviewed by bwalden-50355 2 / 10

Do not watch

Waste of time. I should have followed my gut when I saw the horrible trailer.

Reviewed by TheAll-SeeingI 10 / 10

Generates Real Sci-Fi Results

Perhaps no genre is as dependent on creating a truly distinctive look and feel as is Sci-Fi. Immersion in a world that's fantastical yet remains somehow truthful is nothing short of a prerequisite to the viewer buying in early and staying engaged throughout.

With Rudy Carpio's The Generator, that mandate is met at a high level. Comparisons to Tron wouldn't be apples-to-apples in terms of the precise choices made, but it's a spot-on analogy when you consider that both films create a beyond-the-real landscape that feels earthless and eerie. Carpio's visual presentation is then counterpointed with very real characters living and breathing in ways that are familiar, but in this organically inorganic dreamscape-like environment.

Additionally focused on the notion of counterpoint is the storyline itself: The Generator deals with the increasingly blurred line between Virtual Reality and its inevitably near-term mass impact on human sexuality. We've read about it, and perhaps experienced it to varying degrees, but we've been told its wide-scale onslaught is pending. The Generator shows us what that might look like: not only in its visual presentation, but in its standout cinematography and in the telling of a story that ultimately resonates.

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