An Interview with God


Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 1985


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Brenton Thwaites as Paul Asher
David Strathairn as The Man
Hill Harper as Gary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ivko 4 / 10


This isn't really a movie. It's a religious/philosophical treatise disguised as a movie. The plot is that a religious journalist has an interview with a person claiming to be god. The standard pattern of these things is that the interviewer, who is the stand-in for the audience, at first thinks he's talking to a crazy person but gradually comes to believe he is actually talking to god. The movie hopes the audience will come along for the ride and give the ideas presented the weight thereof.

The fundamental problem with anything like this is that it is so effing arrogant. I mean, could you be more self-indulgent and arrogant than to say you can define the personage and motives of the creator of the universe? Beyond that there is the secondary problem in that the movie is taking a stand of sorts on which religions are correct. If the movies espoused beliefs happen to align with your own you may not see a problem with that, but I don't care for that approach because it reduces god to a kind of supernatural parent confessing to the audience that he has a favorite child. It might feel great to hear "god" say you are his (her/its) favorite, but I have a problem with any idea that sounds like the central thesis of a religious war.

Anyway, I don't want to go into any more detail because this is a really touchy subject for so many people, but I'll just say instead that I don't think this is a very good film; it's preachy, judgmental, and not interactive. You have to sit there and listen to them regurgitate their belief system all over you, something better suited for a sermon at your house of worship then as entertainment.

Reviewed by nezbitkn2 6 / 10

Decent film

This film is a really decent watch if you can steer away from all of this religion bashing in other reviews. I'm not religious but was intrigued by the film and felt content come the end.

To cut 90 minutes into a couple, the main actor is flying home from war and focusses on his dead compatriots' coffins. He returns home to a wife that's been cheating on him and feels there is nowhere left to turn. In his desperation he creates his own world where he believes he is speaking with God about 'things' but is merely speaking to himself and answering his own questions once he can overcome the heartache of doing so. Meeting in the park where elderly patients played chess, his mums old theatre and a closed off storage room in a 'hospital' although this was a run down dump which was no longer in use - likely to be somewhere he had to attend after war for sessions, hence the chairs and tables, this whole film is clearly all about him and his mental state.

'God' constantly tells him that it is all about him and that he needs to face whole truths basically, which like most of us, struggles to do. Eventually when he realises that he was about to end his own life, he decides to make a new go and effort at his life and his marriage, meets 'God' again and realises the answers he has been searching for.

His 'friend' on the phone - is him. He's speaking to himself. He knows who the figure is that he is seeing in his interviews - he's reported on his death. Everything is completely manifested from past experiences in his troubled mind until he finds solace at the end.

Good film. People with a lack of film knowledge will, as they already have, ridicule this film, expecting alternative answers blah blah blah.

Just enjoy the ride and enjoy a well written film of a struggling man searching for happiness.

Reviewed by zhadowlordever 8 / 10

Don't Miss The Point Of This Movie As Many Others Have.

Interview With God is not the average Spiritual/Christian movie as it does not have many religious fundamental overtones, nor is it Holier-Than-Thou- preachy. The movie establishes that it wants everyone, regardless of believers and/or non-believers, to watch this movie by having the interviewer ask God about Atheist's being moral. God replies that yes, atheist's are moral (good people); never mind the tongue-in-cheek joke God says afterwards as it has no meaning in this movie. The movie deals with waning Faith, loss of Hope, Love is going away, and that Life is not a proving ground for Salvation. From the onset of the movie we overhear the protagonist speaking with a war-buddy (although he was a reporter in a war zone) and it is said the buddy was crying and called seeking leads to professional help for possible PTSD. The protagonist is also depressed to the point his mind is mostly dwelling on his marital problems which leads him to be careless while riding his bicycle in a large metropolitan area; near misses with cars ensue but he does not notice. The wife is also depressed as she has had an affair and does not see how she could ever be forgiven for her transgression to her husband. Protagonists boss at work admits when his own marriage failed he got real low and sought professional help. What comes from the conversations with God is that this movie is about loss of Hope and suicide. God intervenes in his life because he cried out for help. His Faith was shot, Love was going, and Hope was waiting to take the midnight bus out of there too. Oh, and protagonist was suicidal but didn't realize it. What the movie tries to instill, by story line and conversation with God is that there is always Hope, Forgiveness, Friendship, Love, and that it is never too late.

The movie is actually quite brilliant in its delivery. The conversations with God are humorous and poignant. But, if you are looking for a deep theological movie and the answer to life, the universe, and everything...that pretentiousness is not here.

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