The Caller


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 9970


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Stephen Moyer as John Guidi
Rachelle Lefevre as Mary Kee
Luis Guzmán as George
Ed Quinn as Steven Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dakjets 6 / 10

Above avarage

This traditional horror film works reasonably well. But it is far from perfect. This is a movie with many effective effects we're used to seeing in horror movies, and they work fine in this simple story, which appears like a low budget movie. What draws down the movie is several scenes that are not entirely connected. The main actor here is being persecuted and harassed, but tackles this in a strange way, and a little convincing. The film begins as a thriller, but develops more towards a superstitious horror movie. This is also somewhat confusing. But it has some really great surprises, so I give it absolutely thumbs up

Reviewed by gsvasu2006 9 / 10

Excellent Thriller!

Well, the movie starts as a slow burner, many may give up within 30 minutes of the movie. It only picks up after that and becomes an excellent thriller with wonderful plot twist towards the end, giving more details would mean taking away the surprise element from the viewer. This one goes in the lines of Frequency and Lake House and add the thriller element to this, and what you get is very good thriller which keeps you engaged post that thirty minutes till the very end. When you reach the end, you will realize that two plot lines are running at two different points in the same movie: one from beginning to end and the other end to the beginning. Though the time loop or quantum reality has been already used before, but mixing it with psychosis is something new and that makes this movie with brilliant concept a fantastic thriller! Coming to the plot which starts normal for the first 30 minutes, Mary (Rachelle Lefevre) moves in to an apartment complex in Puerto Rico to escape her abusive ex-husband who is none too happy about the divorce or the restraining order placed against him. Soon, she starts getting calls from a stranger, who identifies herself as Rose. Soon, Mary tries to avoid Rose's calls as she thinks they are irritating. Slowly, the people whom Mary knows starts disappearing one by one, also Mary discovers the fact that Rose is from her past and is dead in the present. You need to see how the plot develops further and where it finally ends. This movie is a fresh breath in horror thriller genre. My rating is 8.5/10.

Reviewed by philip_desaulniers 6 / 10

Some Spoilers

This wasn't a bad or good movie. It was meh, dull and dragged in some parts. The settings were all bland and uninteresting. The pace was a little weird. The only thing I enjoyed was the premise.

The plot is a woman moves into an apartment and immediately makes fast friends with the gardener / groundskeeper, who gives her information about previous tenants when asked throughout the movie.

The main character starts getting calls from an old rotary phone. It's from a woman from the past. Main character does something that offends her and slowly present reality starts to change cause this upset woman from the past can change things.

She puts a drawing in a cupboard, walls off a closet, kills the gardener (in the past), kills somebody else, etc.

The woman starts to lose it and the movie ends with her killing her ex husband? I hate it when movies give these anti climatic, weird endings. Nothing really got resolved. Too bad.

Anyway, there's some cool back and forth between the two female leads during some scenes. That's about all this movie has going for it.

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