The Capture of the Green River Killer


Biography / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 950

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Michelle Harrison as Julie Reichert 2 episodes, 2008
James Marsters as Ted Bundy 1 episode, 2008
Sharon Lawrence as Fiona Remus 2 episodes, 2008
Tom Cavanagh as Dave Reichert 2 episodes, 2008
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wishihadanangel139 10 / 10

A very sad, but very moving movie

I watched this movie on lifetime movie network, and I cried through the end. These girls who were fictional , represented the women who went missing and were never found. I did some research on The Green River Killer and I was sickened this man was not already taken into custody before he could kill . I think that this is a great movie as it's really much like the real existing case, despite a few fictional characters. I really liked the acting in this movie, it was very emotional and moving. I don't think I'd ever want to think if I was a victim, or my friend was a victim to these heinous crimes! Watching the movie was enough to make me think hard about my own life and what I do to put myself at risk, in other words, a wake-up call.

One day all of the women will be matched to their families, as the movie says, there's always hope! Hope is what these families have to keep.

Reviewed by MarieGabrielle 8 / 10

Examines the tragic victims, a tribute to the anonymous...

This film is not like most serial killer stories, in that it examines the lives of the young girls, tragic victims in the wrong place at the wrong time, born into the wrong social class with little choices Amy Davidson as victim Helen "Hel" Remus is particularly tragic and notable; a discarded child really, her mother Opal (Sharon Lawrence) is an impoverished waitress living in a trailer park, drinking, and attaching to any man who will be her meal ticket for a day.

Tom Cavanagh is good as local Detective Reichert, who persists on the Green River Killer case despite the foibles and arrogance of the FBI.

The actor portraying Gary Ridgeway is effectively sleazy and odious, he looks like any gas station attendant a young girl may hitch a ride from: that's the truly frightening aspect. Most serial killers blend in the scenery, hold steady jobs, and many are never caught.

Indeed the Green River Killer was free for over a decade and his tally of victims has never been clearly established.

Overall the film is not perfect in that some of the deeper psychological issues leading to these tragedies could have been explored, for instance what leads young girls to a transient life in the first place, and why is society failing here?.

Worth watching as it is respectful of the young and tragic victims of these senseless and random homicides. 8/10.

Reviewed by Kimberlyjeana 10 / 10

Tom is Brilliant - Movie is chilling 10 of out 10

I followed the story of the Green River Killer as the country did. After watching "The Capture of the Green River Killer" I have to say I too am in awe of Tom Cavanaugh's performance. I have loved him as the adorable Ed and in his romantic comedy's like "Grey Matters" and "Snow", but I too have to say that his role as Dave Reichert was just spell binding. This is a mind blowing TV movie. Better than most at the movie theater - very much like "The Lovely Bones", as the victims talk through out the movie. I was riveted by his and the whole cast's performances.

Just a fantastic movie.

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