The Cave


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 33077


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Lena Headey as Dr. Kathryn Jennings
Piper Perabo as Charlie
Morris Chestnut as Top Buchanan
Daniel Dae Kim as Alex Kim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nickdove 6 / 10

Not nearly as bad as everyone says. Just a fun popcorn flick

I went into this movie expecting just your average creature feature akin to Pitch Black, and I wasn't let down. It is, indeed, just your average creature feature. It's not the next best thing to Aliens, but it's not the travesty most reviewers here are making it out to be either.

The Cave is a fun popcorn flick. There's no really deep plot or amazing acting talent. What this movie does have is a few very intense, suspenseful moments, which is only aided by the very dark and claustrophobic atmosphere of the cave. It also has your average thriller twist at the end which I did not see coming.

The cinematography and directing by first-timer Bruce Hunt is surprisingly well done. His background as assistance director for the Matrix films and Dark City is apparent here. While he's no Spielberg or Cameron, he keeps the camera angles interesting, and there are scenes within vast, tall rooms in the cave that are quite breathtaking. One complaint, however, is that he chose to follow other directors mistakes in jarring the camera in a very frenetic and sickening manner back and forth whenever one of the characters is being attacked by the creature. This is not only very annoying and disorienting, but is IMO just a trick to cover up the poor creature fx.

Speaking of the FX, I have to say I'm 50/50 here. Sometimes they looked good, and sometimes they looked like they were from a Sci-Fi Channel original movie. The creature effects that looked good were the closeups, which utilized real models. These looked quite realistic. But far away shots of the CGI creatures are not so impressive.

If you want to sit down on a Friday night and just have fun, then pick up The Cave.

Reviewed by sonaaaneja 5 / 10

Is it The Cave or The Average Movie About Creatures

The starting is pretty eye catching but the longer the movie goes, the more boring and dull it gets. It's hard to see what's happening underwater during most of the scenes but the climax makes up for it. The ending scene is thought-provoking but is only recommended if you're looking for an average thriller or something that's not too scary.

Reviewed by tammykins 7 / 10

An underrated movie.

This movie had pretty much everything it should. The photography and scenery were very beautifully done. The cast was fun and varied, Cole Hauser especially was very intense and captivating and carried the movie well. There was plenty of suspense, horror, adventure, action, monsters, 3D graphics, the whole range. But a lot of people whine "Its just like Alien". While there are some similar elements between to two, I didn't think of Alien while watching it, and I've seen this movie a few times. Its hard to make a monster movie that DOESN'T have elements in common with others. After seeing some truly miserable movies that people give high marks too, I don't follow the low marks this movie got unless most of the self-important reviewers were from the "Shakespeare in the Park" set. This movie did what it set out to do, and in a fun picturesque way.

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