The Charm Bracelet



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Barclay Hope as Sam Hayes
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Britt Irvin as Megan Snyder
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

A bracelet with plenty of charm

Both Ashley Greene and Brendan Penny have hit and miss filmographies, which is true with most Hallmark regulars when it comes to talking about Penny, but when they are given at least worthwhile material they've proven they can be good. It was proven with Greene with 'Christmas on My Mind' and when Penny has the right leading lady (it's been very mixed in this regard) the result can be lovely. Hallmark have varied massively when it comes to their Christmas films, but have been pleasantly surprised by some of those from 2020.

'A Little Christmas Charm'/'The Christmas Bracelet' on the whole is one of those films. One would not think so when watching the first 25-30 minutes, which did very nearly make me change the channel, but in my mind it is worth sticking with. As it does get a lot better in every aspect despite still not being perfect. This bracelet is a little rough around the edges, but it also has a lot of charm and worth hunting down if willing with stay with it.

Like has already been said, the film doesn't start off too good. It is a slow starter in pace, has awkward dialogue and Greg was not a character that was easy to connect with. Too much of a creep and his behaviour towards her veered on stalking.

Sadly am also going to have to agree with those that have strongly criticised the gender reveal, which is not just heavily unrealistic it feels out of place and distasteful. Would have liked more development to the romance.

Greene however is a very endearing charmer as the more consistently likeable character and it was easy to connect with her. Once Greg relaxes as a character and softens, Penny is subtly appealing and liked his easy going charisma, just really wish that he had that right at the very start. Their chemistry is natural and genuine and the characters are not stereotypical ciphers, too perfect and Greg in the first act was the one offender when it came to overdone character flaws. The supporting cast are solid.

Furthermore, the film pleases visually, lovely festive locations attractively and never drably or garishly shot. The music isn't as intrusive as it tends to be with Hallmark while the direction gets the job done well. The script doesn't get too cheesy or sentimental and does have a more natural flow when it becomes more settled. The story is not too heavy while taking itself seriously and is both warm-hearted and has a light touch when necessary.

In summary, good but not great. Don't let the underwhelming first act put you off. 7/10.

Reviewed by atlasmb 7 / 10

Somewhat Charming

In this Hallmark holiday romance, Holly (Ashley Greene) finds a charm bracelet in a coat at the used clothing store. She immediately understands that the owner might have sentimental ties to such a personal item, so she vows to find her. Greg (Brendan Penny) is a reporter who is not very Yule-positive, but he offers to help Holly in her quest, because he is interested in her. Holly declines, but he is an insistent guy who actually has skills in investigation.

When they eventually team up, the chemistry is believable. And the investigative trail is interesting enough to hold the story together.

Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic 6 / 10

A Little Christmas Charm

6/10 - good actors were able to make this story enjoyable despite their characters sometimes implausible actions

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