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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_santos-73099 5 / 10

Good heart, Great comedy, but lacks some quality.

If you sat through the first 15min then keep watching!

I'll start with what I didn't like: first off I could say it appears to be on a micro-budget, as it lacks quality, and special effects are often bad. Then the plot isn't the greatest, as it seems another movie making fun of other hyped movies, or exaggerating situations nearly to a ridicule. Acting at some stages looks more like a theatre play than an actual movie, I didn't liked the whole cast, but some did do well in their parts. Soundtrack also could have been improved, although I was happily surprised and amused on a few instances.

Said all of this, the good: it's a GREAT smart comedy, and if you are not easily offended, you will likely laugh your ass off in several occasions! Also it's a critic to some of today's issues and overall social problems, and transmits a message of acceptance and tolerance very much needed in today's world.

Overall a movie to watch when you need to relax and improve your mood.

Reviewed by whatboxcreations 9 / 10

Hilarious from start to finish.

You know how Mel Brooks makes fun of Hitler? Well, enter Richard Griffin against MAGA.

Reviewed by rbf55 8 / 10

A fun gay comedy for any adult

Yeah, this is bound to upset some yahoos, promoting a society that accepts LGBQT, but it is actually quite smart and very funny in its approach to the superhero genre while making a social commentary that's rarely hit-over-the-head level. As an ally, I laughed through most of it, and nodded my head in others in agreement. So worth a viewing. There is some male nudity, so keep the kids away if you must, but if your sense is an open-minded one, gay or straight, there is a lot to enjoy here. Even if you're Canadian (if you see the film, you'll understand what I mean).

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