The Butterfly Effect 2


Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.5 10 32771


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Dustin Milligan as Trevor Eastman
Gina Holden as Amanda
JR Bourne as Malcolm Williams
Eric Lively as Nick Larson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by forasale 4 / 10

Save your money, skip this one.

I had great expectations for the sequel to one of my favorite movies. When I learned it would be direct-to-video I worried. Such fears were more than confirmed. This movie, to put it bluntly is terrible when compared to the first. The plot is nonsensical, and takes place around a boring office environment. The acting is frigid, there is little character development, and predictably leads the viewer to little enjoyment, and lots of confusion.

It would appear the director of this film has not even seen the first one, considering the frequent mistakes, and plot jumps.

Save your money, skip this one. This possessed such great potential, but suffered such terribly delivery

Reviewed by wild_willie2 4 / 10

BE2, lame sequel

When I first heard of the Butterfly effect 2 movie I was immediately thrilled and captivated, remembering the first Butterfly effect movie with reverence.The non linear buildup and suspense of the first Butterfly effect movie was a refreshing novelty when first released. I expected that the second Butterfly effect movie would continue on this highly enjoyable path. I found it strange and puzzling that Butterfly effect 2 did not make it onto the big screen , but was send strait onto DVD instead?. After I saw the movie, I had to conclude that Butterfly effect 2 is not even a shadow of the original Butterfly effect movie. The story is a lame, predictable love story without suspense or thrill. Now I can understand why the second movie was demoted directly onto a DVD. The first Butterfly effect movie was a trilling , suspenseful wild water ride compared to this stagnant pool of muck....

Reviewed by vladtudose2003 1 / 10

Spoils the name.....

The original Butterfly Effect had many wonderful original aspects to it. The main character's abilities were explained in a sort of way that it was slightly believable and the movie was full of twists and turns that culminated in a satisfying and realistic ending. Sadly the sequel does not feature any of the elements that made the original so brilliant. Everything has been dumbed down , gaps in the storyline are almost insulting if you're a fan of the previous film and the amount of sex infused in this movie is unjustified for this storyline , it isn't placed to create an atmosphere like in Lord of War per say , it just seems thrown in because the director was clueless. There are no moment when your skin tingles , you are spoon fed the entire story , everything is very linear in a movie where the time-lines are supposed to be altered and the ending made me feel i needed a drink.

Just watch the first movie again or search for something else , this movie is one step away from being one of Uwe Boll's, a definite pass.

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