The Crush


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Alicia Silverstone as Darian Forrester
Cary Elwes as Nick Eliot
Kurtwood Smith as Cliff Forrester
Gwynyth Walsh as Liv Forrester
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hemiola_78 7 / 10

PC review

Like most teenagers in the early/mid 90's it was pretty hard to dislike (or at least ignore) Alicia Silverstone. This movie in particular was advertised on TV for weeks on end in the summer of 93, often enough to remember it nearly 25 years after. I never watched 'The Crush' as a teenager though, which might have been a good thing. When I finally did last week, I couldn't quite understand the fuss it generated upon its release (other than being Alicia's first major role), nor can I explain the amount of criticism it has gathered since.

For the most part the main characters (especially the journalist) are somewhat implausible, and the story focuses on depicting her increasingly violent outbursts rather than motivation or inner conflicts. But make no mistake, Alicia is more than convincing as a 14 years old Lolita from hell, being at various times sweet, fragile, manipulative, precocious, overtly sexual, and creepy. The story might not be the most unpredictable you've come across, but it's engaging enough to keep you interested.

A significant number of reviews seem to focus on the difference between certain attitudes and production values between early 90's and now rather than the movie itself. Some even go as far as accusing Alan Shapiro of featuring soft core child pornography. I'm curious if the same criticism is leveled against Zeffirelli's 'Romeo and Juliet', for depicting a 14-year old Olivia Hussey (not an older body double) in an even more revealing scene.

I guess the weakest point of the movie is the implausibility of the story and of the male character. We know how Adrian and Nick end up being neighbors, but no explanation is given for Adrian being left alone with an adult so frequently. The early 90's might have been more innocent and relaxed times, but not that innocent! As for Nick, he crosses the line so many times we can't decently view him as a victim in the end. It's unclear if he refuses Adrian's advances because he's intimidated/overwhelmed or because they are inappropriate. Indeed, if it wasn't for Amy raising the alarm early on, one wonders how far would Nick have pursued the 'frienship' with Adrian (some scenes which didn't make the DVD cut show Adrian & Nick enjoying a night swim, going for a ride in Nick's car, etc).

Take this movie for what it is: not the best erotic thriller of the 90's, perhaps not even Oscar material, but definitely not a trashy, laughable, and exploitative flick either.

Reviewed by ehlenahunter 6 / 10

I Liked It!

After all these years, who doesn't know the premise of this movie? It's about a mentally unstable 14-year-old who becomes obsessed with a grown man renting a room on her parents property. She even goes so far as to try to ruin his career, life, and freedom when he doesn't return her advances.

I saw this movie many years ago and I liked it. In fact, all these years later I can see where this movie set a precedence for other teenage "obsession" movies within this genre. But, oh yes, there is a BUT. After viewing it all these years later, I can safely say that Nick (Cary Elwes) did indeed lead Adrian on. As a grown man, he did some inappropriate things that put him in this position with Adrian. That's not to say that she still wouldn't have become mentally unhinged, but his relationship with her was far from amicable from the beginning. The constant leering at her in her bikini, following her on the balcony and flirting with her, taking her on moonlit drives at night, kissing her under the lighthouse, and sneaking into her parents house without making his presence known and peeping at her through her closet door. Granted, I know he was looking for some items he thought she stole, but still. None of that makes Nick come out of this clean, in my opinion.

Did he deserve what he got? I think so! All besides the rape allegations. I saw that coming a mile away, and he should have too, which is why he should have known that all personal contact with a female minor should have been kept to a minimum.

All in all, I did like this movie, and I did like Alicia Silverstone in it. It's just too bad she didn't get a chance to take her career further. What ever happened to her anyway?

Reviewed by Danii Disaster 4 / 10

A Chick-Flick To Laugh At (Not A Thriller)

This wacky movie is so bad, it is actually somewhat entertaining. It is apparent from the very start that this is going to be an extremely stupid, lame chick-flick, but you're kind of obligated to watch to see just HOW dumb it's going to get. And it doesn't disappoint.

Obviously, someone just pulled the script right out of their backside as it is hard to imagine a more unrealistic and unlikely sequence of events.

Alicia Silverstone, however, is very good. She shines in her debut performance, despite the fact that she is playing a terribly-written character.

The male lead was far less impressive. In fact, one of the worst performances I've seen lately. It really doesn't help matters that he's playing an annoyingly dumb 28-year old, who, in fact, doesn't look or act any older than Adrian. I did not feel any sympathy for Nick to be honest. He was neither charismatic, nor in any other way likable. A protagonist that leaves you indifferent (I'd say annoyed, actually)... not a good sign.

As for the movie itself. Well, it was a trainwreck. An amateurish one at that. The recipe used for this movie was: "Lolita" plus "Fatal Attraction" minus all the thrills and suspense plus a healthy dose of "lame" multiplied my 10 equals "The Crush".

Watch it as a comedy, not as a thriller. Then you'll probably enjoy it. Trust me, there are laughs to be had at the expense of the screenplay writer(s). Just when you think that it simply cannot get any dumber... it will surprise you!

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