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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shadychiri 9 / 10

Good film Must watch for Action Lovers

This film is quite remarkably the best I have seen from Russia in the recent years. Despite negative reviews from Hollywood film hardened fans who always perceive russia as a poor 'money laundering' state, this film does more than just prove them wrong by presenting stellar filming technique and a very different Point of View.

Reviewed by valentey 9 / 10

Really nice

Strong points. 1. Film is the 'optimized' version of the old russian movie "Zavoronok", which script -writer was former KV tank commander and WW2 veteran - Orlov . In Germany Orlov heard how the captured soviet crew managed to escape from german tank range . 2. It is about the times when the russians and the americans fought together against common enemy, so no one in the USA will feel uncomfortable to watch it. 3. T-34 used in the movie is the real veteran-tank. 4. Liked the movie because it is about brotherhood and courage, but not about soviet propaganda.

Weak points. Smtms i didn't like CGI. But the movie is damn better than Fury .

Reviewed by vikndigit-49834 10 / 10

Great WWII based action movie.

I found CG a little bit cheesy, and on opposite side sound department made a great job. T-34 - is a tank of victory on Nazi Germany, but it was not possible without courage, bravery and partriotism of soviet soldiers as well as people, this what this movie about. It's not Russian propoganda, cause Russia was just a republic in USSR;)

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