The Dancing Masters


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 828

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Robert Mitchum as Mickey Halligan
Stan Laurel as Stan
Oliver Hardy as Ollie
Margaret Dumont as Louise Harlan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JoeKarlosi 7 / 10

The Dancing Masters (1943) ***

I just can't see for the life of me why these enjoyable latter Fox movies have gotten such a bad rap all these years, as they actually hold up well now and I think they've suddenly become appreciated in a new light with the advent of new superior-looking DVD releases. THE DANCING MASTERS has a bunch of things going on all over the place and the plot is not very focused. Laurel and Hardy are only dance instructors for the first 5 minutes, and then that's that as they get involved with a young man, his girl, and an invisible ray invention. Meandering plot lines don't matter in the least because we're here to laugh at Stan and Ollie, and everything they do in this one is pretty funny. They're on screen a lot and this is a joy. Look out for a young Robert Mitchum (who's uncredited early on in a scene). *** out of ****

Reviewed by rbendernyc 7 / 10

Badly underrated film

Up until Fox released these two three-disc sets of Laurel and Hardy's later films, I had only seen the three that had been previously available on video - and "The Dancing Masters" wasn't one of them. I have to say that as a life-long Laurel and Hardy fan I was very pleasantly surprised.

Even taking the considerable negatives into account: rock-bottom production values, chop-shop editing, and an incoherent "narrative," it's downright astonishing to behold this pair so effortlessly mining genuine laughs from such old and cast-away material.

From the "safe combination" routine near the opening to the "wet pants" bit with co-star Bob Bailey, I found this film to be a real treat - and I screened it with a friend who is not a big L&H fan - he loved it. It's the little things Stan and Ollie did - the gestures, the expressions, the glances - that made their style of comedy absolutely unique in film history. Like "The Bullfighters," my favorite among the L&H Fox films, this one has plenty of those moments, and has such a short running time that you can stick it in your player again right away and savor what you missed the first time around. I can't speak for the legions of other L&H fans, but I personally experienced a higher laugh count from this film than from many of their more minor Hal Roach shorts (sorry, Fox-haters).

The only thing I did not like or understand about "The Dancing Masters" was the print quality. As released in this two-volume DVD set, the other five Fox films look to have been pressed from the actual masters, thus providing superlative picture and sound quality. But, this film suffers from a grainy, scratchy picture that even at times grows blurry and somewhat undefined. And, there several jarring "pops" and a lot of low-volume crackling on the soundtrack. Is there anyone out there who knows why Fox couldn't find a better print for release with this otherwise outstanding set?

Reviewed by tom.hamilton 5 / 10

Though generally regarded as one of their weakest films, this has a fair quota of laughs.

Though generally regarded as one of their weakest films, this has a fair quota of laughs. Stan's "dancing" at the beginning is amusing and Robert Mitchum has a good cameo "selling" the boys insurance. Best scene is where they try to hide from Margaret Dumont, eventually launching her husband into the swimming pool.

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