When Harry Met Sally...


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 177493


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Carrie Fisher as Marie
Meg Ryan as Sally Albright
Ingrid Bergman as Actress in Film
Billy Crystal as Harry Burns
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pratyush-03848 8 / 10

Can a man and woman just be friends?

Can a man and woman just be friends? That's the question I ask myself everyday.

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan meet on the last day of college for a road trip to New York. Their relationship from enemies to a couple over the next 12 years forms the rest of the story.

This movie was plenty of fun to watch. The main characters are some of the most memorable characters you will ever see and the dialogue between them feels natural. Billy Crystal plays the smart alec Harry to perfection as the man who thinks he knows it all, but is also someone who seeks a true companion. Meg Ryan is brilliant as the high strung Sally who looks down on most of Harry's actions, but cannot do without him. And who can forget the line "I'll have what she's having" said by Rob Reiner's director. Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby played great as supporting actors and formed a perfect foil to Harry and Sally. The screenplay keeps you laughing and smiling all the way till they finally get married. From the time they hated each other, to just being friends to becoming a couple, the film has you smiling all the way.

After watching the movie, I started to ask myself if a man and woman can only be friends. I don't have the answer to that yet, but this movie has me wondering. Watch it when you get the chance. You will also start to think about whether a man and woman can just be friends.

Reviewed by snelling 4 / 10

"It Had to Be You..." ...Woody Allen

Thinking about death a lot. - "Annie Hall"

"Casablanca" references. - "Play it Again, Sam"

The girl ordering in a specific anal way in a restaurant. - "Annie Hall"

Lead female dressing in men's clothes. - "Annie Hall"

Singing with a bad unprofessional voice in public. - "Annie Hall"

Putting your name in all your books in case of a breakup. - "Annie Hall"

Calling a platonic guy friend to come over late at night. - "Annie Hall"

Split screens. Ugh. - "Annie Hall"

Trying to re-create fun times while not with your true love. - "Annie Hall"

Flashbacks of the whole story. - "Annie Hall"

Running the streets of NYC at the end. - "Manhattan"

Carrie Fisher - "Hannah and Her Sisters"

The best parts of this movie were cribbed from other better films.

Reviewed by drummerdude-821-284137 9 / 10

Thoughtful movie

Following a recommendation from a friend, I watched this movie for the first time. I was really impressed by the thoughtfulness of the dialogue. There were some interesting/entertaining arguments, and unlike some other romance flicks there wasn't a lot of over the top, sappy moments. It felt real. Very well done.

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