The Disappearance of Lenka Wood


Action / Crime

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drhall-672-138129 7 / 10

The True Story of War and Revenge

"Disappearane of Lenka Wood" Mark O'Neal as intel recon soldier Dexter was not typical Segal slash and burn! Unusual movie explaining in detail the uncertainty and constant questions of how war can damage both sides as in the physical and mental sense. Well crafted and directed, good cinema work with a minimum of talk, talk, talk! Tom Turner coordinated dialogue with Simon Philips, producer and created a first rate movie relying on a steady stream of flashback cuts. Akbar Kurtha came off as a really good bad guy on one hell'va revenge mission, which was explained last minute of movie. Damn good job too.

Reviewed by a_baron 3 / 10

The Disappearance Of Lenka Wood

If you like action, you may like this film, the hero - or is he? - is a US soldier/special agent who could give James Bond and Arnold Schwazenegger a run for their money and then some. He and his future wife decide to take their honeymoon before tying the knot, and she chooses Turkey where she is abducted while he finds himself accused of her murder.

Apart from the brutality of the police - three of whom are no match for him - Turkey sounds like a fun place to live. Even a humble barman has a palatial home, everybody speaks English, and there is a nice quiet toilet in the discotheque where you can torture and murder a police gopher, after you've drowned the barman in his swimming pool.

There is a twist in the final scene that gives the game away, this is not so much an action film as a political statement, but the long, circuitous route taken to make it beggars belief.

Reviewed by kosmasp 3 / 10

Twisting but working?

This might seem like a standard thriller/movie, but maybe it does have at least something that will surprise you. Just the fact that we do get a bit of a back-story through flashbacks from our main character, to show where he came from, is the movie trying to show you, that it is more than just that one plot (described very neatly in the actually long title of the movie).

The acting is below average at best, but the ending might either fool you into liking this more or make you hate it, because you don't like it. So it's a make or break and while I have seen worse movies than this, it is pretty low standard and has not many things to savor ...

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