The Moon-Spinners


Family / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1767


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Eli Wallach as Stratos
Hayley Mills as Nikky Ferris
Irene Papas as Sophia
John Le Mesurier as Anthony Gamble
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner55 7 / 10

"Moon-spinners/Spin me a moon tonight..."

From Walt Disney, an overly-involved story of jewel thieves and a young girl swept away by intrigue while vacationing in Crete. I understand why some say the film is sluggish or dull; it does drag, and has one too many plots going on, not to mention far too many characters who may-or-may-not be what they seem. However, Hayley Mills is enchanting as intrepid Nikky Ferris. She gets her ire up, gets to be silly, trades quips with Pola Negri (looking regal). Also fabulous: the dizzying sequence where Mills escapes villainous Eli Wallach by jumping from a windmill (beautiful camera-work and direction). Not a taut Hitchcockian mystery, but a good attempt at one. Terrific Terry Gilkyson theme song, fine supporting work from Wallach, Joan Greenwood and young Peter McEnery, who gives Hayley her first screen kiss. *** from ****

Reviewed by ph0hunter 10 / 10

Delicious Mystery in Crete

This movie is one of my favorites from the 1960's and I watch it again every once in a while. It's also one of my favorite Hayley Mills movies. The locations are beautiful, interesting and different. The story is a solid mystery with sympathetic characters, and Mills plays a feisty, strong young woman. The production values are a bit wanting, however, especially during the windmill scenes. There's delightful humor, also, especially in some unexpected sights. And Pola Negri gives a fine performance. I love this movie and recommend it for anyone who likes a good mystery or Hayley Mills or Crete.

Reviewed by Tommy-92 7 / 10

Engaging, suspenseful film; Disney's answer to Hitchcock

I guess the script wasn't top-notch... Okay, it wasn't, but there are plenty of other things to concentrate on here. Pretty good performances from Eli Wallach as the villian, Hayley Mills and Peter McEnery as the detectives/romantic leads, and Irene Papas as the villian's nervous sister, who dosen't have much to do but makes an impression. Also, funny comic performances from Joan Greenwood as Mills' aunt and the appearence of Pola Negri, the silent screen star, as the jewel collector Madame Habib. The gorgeous scenery of Crete is also a big asset. I found the film to be pretty suspenseful and engaging throughout. I really wasn't sure just what was going to happen next. It did keep me on the edge of my seat in some spots. The only weak link was a very rushed and uneventful conclusion, but otherwise very well-done. This was Disney's answer to Hitchcock, and also an apparent attempt to get his young star, Miss Mills, into more adult roles after four years of excellent but very "kiddie" films for the studio. Unfortunately, she didn't get any more roles like this at Disney; her next and last was in "That Darn Cat!", a very enjoyable and funny film but still aimed more at kids. She ended up having to leave the studio, do a nude scene in another film, and have an affair with an older man in order to become more adult in the eyes of the world. Still, this was her starting point, and while Hitchcock could easily have topped this and any other suspense/mystery film, it's still fun to watch and suspenseful, never boring. See it; you won't be sorry.

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