Sink or Swim


Comedy / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7 10 4322


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Mathieu Amalric as Bertrand
Guillaume Canet as Laurent
Marina Foïs as Claire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cesspit-53505 9 / 10


This i am rating as my film of the year, it has got to be the most wonderful and well paced story i have seen this year, good pace, good acting and none of the usual plots. I recommend it to anyone wanting that little lift out of mediocrity, that something to pull them from the mundane day to day viewing. Watch it and you will come away refreshed and ready for another day on earth, i did not even know i was also watching the subtitles from halfway, and at the end the story told itself without words. Be you any nationality, you will connect with each character, wonderful and uplifting experience, oh, it's good to be alive

Reviewed by dakjets 8 / 10

Great about friendships among grown up men

Friendship among men is an unusual theme in film. There are dozens of movies about women, and especially comedies. Therefore, this French film becomes a wonderful insight into men of adulthood and how a companionship develops. The film is fun, charming and engaging, but never nostalgic. Although the film is primarily a feel-good movie, it is also a serious undertone of where men's challenges in adulthood. As well as how it is for men when the role expectations they have not followed up, whether by unemployment, family problems or poorly paid jobs. But here it is primarily about how to do something about the situation and the cohesion between them. A great story and movie, this one.

Reviewed by mariainesmbd 8 / 10

A group of men trying to find meaning in life

Today I went to the cinema to watch this movie. I've watched some French movies, some from the Nouvelle Vague period and some comedies, which are generally quite funny. This one is different from the comedies I was used to, since it's more dramatic. Le Grand Bain is about a man in his 40's who has been unemployed for 2 years and depressed about it. He decides to join the all-male synchronized swimming at his local pool. There, he is trained by a woman and meets other men dealing with their own problems. Together they are understanding and helpful with each other, while trying to find meaning in their lives. They are teased for doing something associated with women, but they are able to stay focused towards their goal. I really enjoyed the movie, the visuals and angles were great. I loved the music and the dancing parts were funny. I liked what the movie was about, it caught my attention because the theme is unique and creative. It had its silly parts, but overall it was money well spent. I recommend it!

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