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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michael-kerrigan-526-124974 7 / 10

Confronts emotions rarely seen in film

Let me start this review by saying I've never wanted children. I've never understood the societal pull for having children. Bearing in mind I'm a 48 year old man, this film gave me further confirmation that I've made the right life choice in that regard. What I loved about this film was that it confronted fears and actions rarely seen in film - that of a wife and mother needing more to life than simply giving and not taking. A wife who looks after her two children. A wife who looks after her husband. There must be more to life than being a wife and mother? Or indeed a husband and father. The Eacape was a morally complex and thought provoking film that's rarely seen - questioning the very idea of the norms of society. We all need structure. We all need love. But sometimes that's not enough. 7 out of ten.

Reviewed by charleshowler 8 / 10

A captivating film that intimately captures the feeling of entrapment

It's one of those films that portray an emotion or situation you have to be familiar with in order to truly appreciate it's beauty.

The cinematic portrayal of depression at it's finest. The feeling of entrapment in a life that feels like there isn't an escape, the feeling of despair, the fear of pursuing your personal happiness at the cost of another persons happiness. These were artistically portrayed very intimately, and I really appreciated that. It was well executed.

Great performance by Gemma Arterton, there were some scenes in the beginning that gave me shivers.

A lot mixed reviews for this title, and I understand why. People who have experienced a similar situation would resonate with this film very much. One of the reviewers called her motives unrealistic and selfish, that 'every mum' goes through this. That's untrue, every person is different. Every situation is different. Some people love their roles of being mothers, and go through their life without a care of other possibilities. Some people enter motherhood ambitious, not realizing the sacrifice. The sacrifice of personal accomplishment and meaning. And I feel like this is what the film was trying to portray.

A film not for everyone, but for those who do resonate with it will appreciate it.

Reviewed by Havelock01 7 / 10

1st class acting, story needed work.

Wow, this an excellent portrayal of depression, and I'm sure it'll resonate with so many mothers/wives out there. It is so good, so realistic and recognisable, it was very difficult to watch at times. Gemma Arterton should be applauded for her work here.

Unfortunately I felt the narrative too simplistic and the ending unsatisfying. They've also gone for minimal dialogue, which whilst I'm sure some would argue you don't need as everything is written on their faces, I personally found it much too minimal.

In summary - amazing and moving portrayal of depression and helplessness in the acting, but ultimately a not wholly satisfying film to watch. 7/10

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