The Experiment


Drama / Thriller

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Travis Fimmel as Helweg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 1 / 10

How to Destroy a German Masterpiece

The German "Das Experiment" is one of the best and most powerful movies of the Twentieth-First Century. Tense, powerful, having a wonderful screenplay and outstanding direction and performances, it is another great example of how the absolute power corrupts. "Das Experiment" is a must-see movie, which will certainly provoke reactions on the viewer.

Hollywood, as usual, made a remake showing how to destroy the German masterpiece. The decadent Forest Whitaker is awful, and he should have paid more attention in the acting of Justus Von Dohnanyi in the original film, as the sadistic Berus, instead of using grimaces. The writer and director Paul Scheuring is ridiculous, using sexual premises and sadistic situations freely. I feel sorry for the ridiculous reviews from viewers that have not seen "Das Experiment" and are happy watching this silly American crap. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "Detenção" ("Detention")

Reviewed by dizfunx 3 / 10

Another crappy USA remake.

It's as if the title 'The Experiment' refers to Hollywood finally trying to create a remake that surpasses the original.

It's a pale and poor remake of the brilliant German movie 'Das Experiment', which blew my mind first time I saw it.

None of that with 'The Experiment'... Even the presence of two gifted actors (Brody and Withaker) cannot rescue the poor cinematography and awful diluted script. I couldn't even properly empathise with the main character played by Brody. His actions seemed ridiculous put against the prison-experiment backdrop, so terribly written so that there isn't any true logic to his rebellion. It's also very obvious he's not doing half the acting that Moritz Bleibtreu performed in the original.

The casting was terrible, even before the experiment, I could immediately identify which characters were to become guards, and which ones prisoners. Mix this with the poor script-rewrite that put in unnecessary scenes and dialogues and that took out some of the most brilliant scenes in the original, and you get a straight-to-video production that will never be looked back on by movie fanatics anywhere, anytime.

If you have bought, borrowed or downloaded this copy, please burn or delete it. You will be much better off getting Das Experiment instead.

The Experiment has failed!

Reviewed by monkies3388 1 / 10

Absolutely horrible. Watch Das Experiment instead. Please save yourself the trouble.

it may not actually deserve a 1 rating, but i just finished watching the movie, so i still have a disgusting taste in my mouth, so to speak.

so, the original, Das Experiment, was an amazing movie. it was completely believable, for one. i find one of the worst qualities of a bad movie is believability. i can get over bad acting, or any of the other cliché signs of a bad movie... but if i cant even believe that what is going on could possibly be going on, it can be HARD to watch.

i can believe that scientists would hold an experiment of this kind... i can (reaching) believe that they would offer $1k per day to participants, considering the circumstances of the experiment. what i cannot believe... *if you don't know yet, they are not allowed to hurt anybody physically, or the experiment is immediately supposed to be ended* is that the guards would, without circumstances changing, in one scene, continue this 'humiliation without physical harm' by dunking the main character's head in water over and over... then turn around, and in the very next scene, beat the crap out of one of the guards who broke the rules.

i cannot believe, that after all the 'prisoners' saw the guards beat the crap out of the other guard, that the prisoners would not do SOMETHING. they sat there... as they outnumbered the guards... and watched the lead guard KILL one of the prisoners. STILL NOTHING. completely unbelievable... at one point, one of the guards has decided that he has had enough, that the lead guard is crazy, and basically begins walking out. the lead guard stops him... by saying some more crazy stuff... if you were standing next to somebody, and they said they get off on humiliating and beating the crap out of somebody, and you said, "thats crazy! Im leaving. you are insane." and they came back with something just as crazy, you don't stay... you leave. he didn't even threaten him.

the guard who wanted to rape that prisoner? completely unnecessary. actually, correction... they didn't weave it into the plot... at all. it felt like its own little gross side show.

the ending... good god.

i have to stop for a second on that one... its that horrible. i kept hanging on for the ending, because i wanted to know why they didn't end the experiment. i don't need to get into details, but suffice it to say, they all ended up riding a single bus home, the rapist, the raped, the killer, and although he wasn't shown, probably the killed. it wasn't some profound or poignant statement about humanity or something... it just seemed stupid, and again, not believable.

at a couple points, they were trying to some sort of statement about humanity, social evolution... it was not effective whatsoever.

IN SUMMARY! Not believable at all. you do feel a bit of that revenge satisfaction at the end, but it is minimal, to spite having waited for an hour plus. the acting was mediocre, to spite some big hitters being called in.

If you like the premise... if you want to see it done right, believable, emotionally charged, and with an ending that will knock your socks off? watch Das Experiment.

would somebody please.... stop Americans from remaking foreign films? just stop it :|

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