The Final Patient


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 321

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Bill Cobbs as Dr. Daniel Green
Guy Boyd as Sheriff McKnee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rascal9tx 1 / 10

What a disappointment!

I watched this movie with quite a lot of hope for having found a diamond in the rough, but was thoroughly disappointed. The movie is VERY slow throughout the middle of the film and the ending is so bizarre that I was very irritated when the credits began to roll. The ending could have been better if the filmmakers had elected to explain WHY Mrs. Green wanted to kill everyone. I gathered that she was homicidal because of the effects of the drug, but the film didn't really clarify, either through a back story telling about her addiction to and reactions from the drug or some other device. Basically, it showed her sneaking downstairs to snag some of the formula while her husband went to town (what did she do to get the drug all those months when her husband DIDN'T go to town?) and then she goes wildly crazy at the end and tries to kill everyone. I think it's sad when a movie has to have it's back story explained on IMDb message boards rather than during the film. And how come hubby wasn't homicidal while taking the same formula?!? And then Mrs. Green magically pops up under Cameron's (whose character is extremely annoying in the beginning) hospital bed, unbeknownst to the medical staff who go in and out of his room at all hours of the day and night. The ending would have been laughable had I not been so irritated at the whole waste of my time. As slow as the film was, I kept telling myself, "This had BETTER make up for the slow-going with a great ending!" Wow, was I let down. . .

Reviewed by filmarena1 1 / 10

This film is bad, not finished at all!!

I started to watch this movie due to reaction of my customers :-(. And I totally agree with them, it is a very bad movie, it could have been so much better. Bill Cobbs is really great but cannot rescue the movie. Alex Feldman is everything but good in this movie.

You just do not get the story because the film is not finished. It builds up very nicely, but I still do not get it why the doctor while drinking beer starts to bleed more and more (suicide?. Why is his wife so mean and knows everything? even when she is locked up only in her bedroom?)And then suddenly she is lying in a hospital under Alex Feldman's bed? What happened in the burning house how did Alex Feldman get out? Why not his friend? And it ended fast and like cheap slasher movie.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10

The Givers and the Takers

Willy Jenkins (Jason Scott Campbell) and his greedy and cynical roommate Cameron Streckman (Alex Feldman) have just finished the medical school and are traveling together before starting residence. While driving through a country town where Willy spent his childhood, they stop for resting and having meal, and they hear an intriguing story about the strength of the retired physician and Willy's acquaintance Dr. Daniel Green (Bill Cobbs). They become curious and go to Dr. Green's farm where they meet the old man, who tells them that he lives alone with his sick wife and invites them to have dinner with him. While eating chili and drinking beer, Dr. Green tells the story about a miraculous Chinese medicine that he has been using for years, awakening greed in the ambitious Cameron with fatal consequences.

The low-budget "The Final Patient" develops and builds in low pace an intriguing story about an old good family man and physician, who misses his lost son Nathan and lives with his sick wife. There is an excellent criticism to the behavior of most doctors in North America that could be extended to many other countries where a great number of these professionals are mercenaries and interested only in making money. The performances, the screenplay and the direction are excellent regarding Dan, Cameron and Willy, but simply forget the key character of Elizabeth Green. Suddenly, this mysterious woman appears like an insane murder, trying to kill everybody and destroy her house without any clear explanation. My interpretation is that she was kept alive by her beloved husband against her will; then she becomes insane and addicted in the Chinese formula, triggering her murder instinct in the end, but I am not sure about the correctness of my viewpoint. Further, I do not know if the problem was with the script or restraining budget, but unfortunately something was missing regarding the development of the motives of Mrs. Green to make "The Final Patient" a great little film. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Último Paciente" ("The Last Patient")

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