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Billy Gardell as Captain Wynn
Larry Joe Campbell as Mike the Manager
Regan Burns as DJ Sully
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 8 / 10

I'm Batman

This is a politically incorrect comedy similar in many ways to Police Academy. After shooting his partner Garret (Christopher Titus) is in charge of training 4 handicapped people to be police officers. In addition to the overt funny lines, there are hidden lines such as when they say Sophie (Debbie Lee Carrington) the vertically challenged person, is always "grumpy." Or when they scream "Alvin" like Dave Seville. I found myself laughing.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by curtis_chappell 5 / 10


I have always liked Christopher Titus stand up. I think his comedy is genius. Since I am familiar with his act and his attitude towards the differently abled I do understand his attempt to make a comedic film with a message. However, this movie just isn't funny. Period. Either it's the production values, script or some other contributing factor that makes the actors appear to be bad, B-movie actors. Reminiscent of the same caliber of acting found in Ed Woods "Plan 9 from Outer Space" bad. Maybe it was the difficult task of trying to make disabled characters funny. Don't misunderstand me. I am not objecting to the material because the portrayal of mentally and physically handicapped people. I am objecting because this particular movie doesn't manage to make this uncomfortable subject humorous. And maybe no one can. Whatever the reason the production was just embarrassingly awkward and third rate. Overall, Special Unit is like a student film produced by immature frat boys.

Reviewed by acutisnasus 5 / 10

The Comedy Is Really Funny, BUT

I Liked the jokes very much, but it felt off.

The Pros:

Like I said the comedy is funny, all the interactions between characters is comedy orientated and you can see that in every single scene. The actors were somewhat acting over the top which, to me, fitted the mood and story of the movie.

Overall, all human interactions and dialogs were comedy orientated and you could really see there were a lot of funny ideas, it is pretty cool to see a very funny man show us what he does best.

The Cons:

Like I said the comedy is really funny, BUT It did not feel like a movie, there were a couple of things that felt off. And in my opinion there were 2 major things causing this;

Environment sound:

The change from having only environment sound or only music or no background sound at all felt clunky. And at some moments the environment sound did not fit with the scene.


The timing of the music felt off. It feels awkward when you are laughing after a punchline and 2 sec later music starts, I stopped laughing each time because I expected something to happen and this would happen a lot. In some scenes the music would suddenly stop or begin to emphasise the spoken or physical comedy at weird timings, It felt clunky.

Maybe it would have helped if the music was thought of as the introduction, applause and laughter within a standup routine, put the music where you would 'expect' those 3 things to occur in the movie and you would probably be on par with the audience laughing and each scene with music would not feel off and clunky.

The jokes are very funny, fantastic ideas, but to me the environment sound and the timing of the music stagnated the flow and feel of the jokes and the movie.

Therefore a rating of 5.

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