Owned, A Tale of Two Americas



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by m-hulot 10 / 10

You have to be a maniac to give this one star

Don't let the pigs set the score! OWNED is a wonderfully told story that needs to be seen. But the troll farm downvoting this flick clearly doesn't want you to know about the injustices that continue to plague our communities and shape the unjust world that so many in the US are still victims of. It seems they would rather bury a fantastic film that sheds light on a problem than dealing with their prejudices and admitting that they benefit from a system that has made a permanent underclass of the most vulnerable in America. God bless the filmmakers and this film for speaking to power at this very tumultuous time.

Reviewed by jalsanders-1 10 / 10

Great film!

Well made and important film. A must see! Have followed this film since it's early development, Giorgio and team did a great job exploring housing rights, architecture and more.

Reviewed by geoffsherr 10 / 10


This film is purely angelic. It's a thoughtful, moving analysis of housing inequality and why people need to be more engaged. Especially in the current political climate. WATCH IT!

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