The Ghost Ship


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 3203

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Cliff Edwards as Unnamed officer
Herb Vigran as Chief Engineer
Lawrence Tierney as Louie Parker - Seaman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10

Considering the modest budget, this is an excellent thriller

I tend to view this movie a little differently than some other big-name films of the era because unlike films featuring big stars and big budgets, this was a low budget B-movie that achieved a lot with such a modest budget. RKO financed quite a few Val Lewton productions and most of them were supposed to be horror films. However, having low budgets, there really wasn't money for sophisticated makeup and costumes, so the horrors in these movies were much more psychological in nature or featured minimalistic special effects. Because they were very high quality, the films have often taken on a cult-like following (such as CAT PEOPLE and THE BODY SNATCHER), though I must admit this one is not one of his more famous efforts. Much of this is probably due to it having been pulled from circulation shortly after release due to a lawsuit that alleged that Lewton had stolen the script (by the way, the case was decided against Lewton and RKO, so the film was only seen again in recent years because of this).

The first half of the movie, while decent, really is setting the stage for the terrifying second half. Up until then, the movie seemed like a pretty routine drama about a young 3rd officer aboard a cargo ship and his relationship with the odd but avuncular captain. However, slowly over time it becomes obvious to the 3rd officer that the captain is insane and dangerous--though because his mental illness is very subtle, no one aboard believes that the captain is, in fact, unhinged. Later,the 3rd mate suspects that the accidental death of a crew member was NOT an accident but was done deliberately by the captain because this crewman had simply disagreed with him! So, he reports the captain and refuses to continue the voyage once they reach port. However, the captain orchestrates his kidnapping and the mate awakens to find himself back on the ship and easy prey for the vengeful captain. Yet, no one aboard believes the captain is dangerous and the mate knows it's only time before he, too, has a fatal "accident"! I've already revealed a lot, but you really should see the film. The sense of impending doom and helplessness of the 3rd mate is extreme and very well done. This is a sleeper that is well worth your time.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Thriller at sea

Talk about atmospheric thriller, Val Lewton with a fairly unknown cast and a leading man whose box office days are behind him came up with a gem of a thriller at sea. The Ghost Ship stars Richard Dix as the captain of the freighter Altair and Russell Wade as his eager new third officer who sees some distinct flaws in the man whom he admired and was eager to serve under.

On his first voyage some deaths among the crew start Wade thinking, but his doubts are resolved when Nick Stuart a happy go lucky Greek is killed when he's locked in an anchor chain room. It could only be deliberate and it could only be Dix.

The Ghost Ship is a combination of Eugene O'Neill and Edgar Allan Poe in its conception. The camaraderie and dialog among the crew is like something out of The Long Voyage Home. The sea is a great equalizer in the crew. The captain may be Lord and Master, but in the crew all are equal. Note the part played by black actor Sir Lancelot which is a rarity of Hollywood at the time. He's from Trinidad and he's an equal in this company. Very rare for 1943.

But Dix has let the whole Lord and Master thing goes to his head. Quite clear in his scenes with Wade as Wade starts to suspect. The rest of the crew, dare not even if they think it in the deepest parts of their souls. Mutiny is a hanging offense..

Wonderful atmosphere, great performances as Val Lewton gets the most out of the limited budgets he had.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

interesting but a little uneven

Tom Merriam (Russell Wade) joins the ship Altair as its third officer under the command of Captain Stone (Richard Dix). The trip starts with a death and goes downhill from there.

I like the idea of a cursed ship on the high seas. There is a long history of fighting against one's Captain. Once they get back on land, the intensity fades away. It's half an hour into the movie and it struggles to regain the story tension. By the time they're back at sea, a lot of steam is already lost. It would have worked so much better if the crew stay at sea for the whole movie dealing with the isolation of their situation. Being on the open seas can be claustrophobic. This has moments of high intensity but it's an up-and-down ride. While I like the knife fight, the climax is tied down in a real way. This is an interesting thriller but a little bit even.

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