The Godfathers of Hardcore


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Inh722 10 / 10

Hardcore/Punk Music, NYC, Friendship and Beyond

There have been many films documenting Punk Rock, Hardcore, Metal etc but none quite like The Godfathers of Hardcore. It goes beyond any "life on the road" cliches or tired band origin stories as it is far more personal and engaging. Along with its inherit NYC grit, it tells the story of 2 friends who have taken a band, Agnostic Front, from the streets in the early 1980s to one that tours the world over to thousands of die hard fans. You come away learning a lot more about Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma and what drives them after 35 plus years of music. Without disclosing too much, you also learn about Roger Miret's harrowing and troubled childhood, as well as some issues he faces currently, that the brunt of Agnostic Front fans are likely not aware of. This aspect of the documentary really sets it apart from the pack. The documentary itself looks and sounds fantastic and is very well shot and produced. I definitely see this as a film that could appeal to music and documentary fans period, going way above the core Hardcore/Punk audience. I caught the film at its NYC premiere in 2017 and look forward to seeing it again!

Reviewed by mikegitter 10 / 10

More Than 'Core.

Ian McFarland's Godfathers of Hardcore isn't merely a great rock doc. It's the rare sort of film created by and entrenched within a genuine DiY ethos that is, at its core, a genuine human story. In it's portrait of the friendship between Cuban born Agnostic Front frontman, Roger Miret and Little Italy born-and-bred guitarist Vinnie Stigma, McFarland has exceeded every film (and there have been a number of them) to date to spring from punk's roughest underbelly: Hardcore.

First and foremost, this is a great story about Agnostic Front's two mainstays: the thoughtful and often troubled Miret and his oft comedic, heart-of gold foil, Stigma. It's a great coming-of-age story, a great New York story and a great rock film. With the notable exception of Don Letts' Joe Strummer biopic, The Future is Unwritten, it hits marks in pacing and production values that make it a singular and affecting piece of work.

It's a buddy flick told with a Taxi Driver-like grit and a snarling soundtrack that tells the story of two men who defined New York Hardcore and never let go of their values. Now, nearly four decades later, there have been successes, failures, wives, children, heartbreak and triumphs with Agnostic Front still taking stages from Boston to Bangcock and waving the flag, not just for NYHC but for their very own spirit of independence.

Reviewed by thisshowsuckspodcast 10 / 10

This will be looked back decades later as one of the great rock documentaries...

With the plethora of music documentaries that have come out in the last few decades, few work on the level of an actual movie. The Godfathers of Hardcore, you can tell is a labor of love from director Ian McFarland. It has all the hallmarks of a great movie... It's beautifully shot, it has real life characters that have totally different personalities yet are both engaging and important to each other. This movie takes you on a journey that will make you laugh and cry and feel happy at the end. Vinnie Stigma could have easily been a lead character in a Scorsese film and stolen the show.... But he's the real deal. He embodies New York City and it's Hardcore Punk Scene. You feel his sadness for a city that is being sold out to the wealthy and elite. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of Punk or Hardcore or Agnostic Front.. if you're a fan of great documentaries, watch this!!!!

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