The Good Guy


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 8755


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Alexis Bledel as Beth Vest
Scott Porter as Tommy Fielding
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thindi31 3 / 10

Ending better than beginning.

I was drawn by the actors but was turned off immediately by constant f bombs. The only reason I watched it to the very end is to see what the first scene meant and to find out what happened to Beth and Tommy. I was totally turned off by the constant obscenities. It was as if they got their degrees and job experience in a prison yard instead of in finance or college. The men were mostly users and out to get only what they wanted themselves. Total jerks and immature. Only one or two of the men in their office had any integrity. Don't want to tell you more in case you want to watch this however I don't recommend wasting your time. Not to spoil too much but I liked the ending.. they got what they deserved.

Reviewed by Kimtheswim 2 / 10

Rory Gilmore and the opposite of Jason Street made a movie...

It took me three sittings to finish this movie. I LOVE Scott Porter. I don't hate Alexis Beidel, but this confirmed how little she can actually act. She's lucky she's beautiful, otherwise she would have nothing to offer Hollywood. I wanted to like this movie mostly because the beginning was somewhat interesting. This was until I started watching it and realized it got really bad as it kept going. By like all good train wrecks, you see it through the end.

Reviewed by MiamiReviewer 7 / 10


Huh. I'm surprised this didn't get a better rating. I just watched on netflix and thought it was half decent. The acting, while not Oscar-worthy, was passable and not distractingly bad. The script, while a bit cheesy and clichéd throughout, was also fine. More importantly, I thought the ending twist was quite clever. Yes, as others have pointed out, they flash forward at the beginning of the film gives you some idea that things don't work out well in the end. But it was such a quick comment (I feel sorry for you) that it really didn't cloud the rest of my watching for the next hour. So when the story suddenly shifted and Tommy suddenly starts talking about the long day he spent with another woman, it felt like it was from left field. And then they did a great job quickly shifting the story from the point of view from other women and Tommy's other life. It felt surprisingly like you just learned you'd been duped by a cheating spouse, and had to go back and see how you'd had your rose colored glasses on for the first part of the relationship. Again, not rocket science, but i thought it was clever in a way far surpassing your average rom com.

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