Green Card


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Andie MacDowell as Brontë
Bebe Neuwirth as Lauren
Ann Dowd as Peggy
Gérard Depardieu as Georges
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leplatypus 10 / 10

Green Light for Viewing (DVD)

A movie isn't never as much great as it can speak personally. This movie does it for me and I'm lucky. This review is thus very subjective but it comes from the heart....

First, it is a rare movie in which I feel my favorite town, New York as my neighborhood. The town really appears as an endless collection of big cubic buildings, but under the soft menace of the green invasion (trees, garden,...). All the roof scenes are memorable...

Then, McDowell plays an almost introvert woman in contrast to the French extraversion of Depardieu. Sure, being French, I support our national icon, who is particularly in his turf here, but I was more over captivated by the development of the Bronte character and her feelings. From her initial motivation, then indifference to exasperation and finally complicity & deep devotion, it was a remarkable evolution to behold and understand.

Finally, there's also a lot of subtext & subtlety here and it's great for the brain: I mean some things talks to our unconscious and the connection isn't immediate. For example, think how Africa is the main background: the emigration subject, the Afrika bar, the drums, the safari life ... There's also the sweet translation from Green Card to Green House, and the role of ecology... Like I already said, the green tries to grow in every free space left from the rock buildings, which is a poetic metaphor for the emigration...

So, a great romantic story in a wonderful setting & which leaves many doors to open...

Reviewed by FilmCriticLalitRao 10 / 10

Green Card: A film whose romantic moments outweigh its dramatic scenes

It is no so often that good films like "Green Card" are made.But when they are made,it is not so easy for dedicated viewers to remove such cinematographic gems from their minds as they captivate us to such an extent that we tend to think of them on all occasions."Green Card" is not only a good film but also a film with serious purpose.It tackles albeit in a non political manner, the need to obtain a green card in order to make a life better.By making,"Green Card" Australian director Peter Weir has created a film which highlights the importance of good things of life such as friends,love and music.Much of this film's strength comes in the form of fine performances by lead actors Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell.They look like a real life couple madly in love with each other.As Gerard Depardieu is at the top of his acting abilities it can be said that no one would mind his accented English.A film with an obvious title "Green Card" might be perceived as a movie with a lot of drama but the cinematographic genius of Peter Weir is revealed in the form of his decision to relegate drama to back seat.This is the reason why he has shown credulous romance to make us all believe in the power of love in our lives.

Reviewed by Mort-31 8 / 10


Usually, romantic comedies are all the same, concerning their tone and their dialogue. „Green Card` by the great director Peter Weir („Truman Show`, „Witness`!), is a little different, which alone makes it sympathetic.

The film evokes interest right at the beginning because if people don't know exactly what it is all about, they might not get immediately what's happening. Brontë is already married to Georges the French composer. Other directors or screenwriters would have shown their wedding in detail, peppered with gags. But Weir sees that this is not necessary, it would only follow the convention.

Later we have unexpected plot twists and changes in the characters that are not always convincing but give the film an interesting, not too light base tone. And actually, Peter Weir is a too enthusiastic director to make a visually rather undemanding romance film. So he introduces some wonderful visual ideas like the scene where Georges is standing in front of Brontë's door, covered with a blanket, calling her name, while the camera shoots him from inside, through the „watcher`. I'm not particularly fond of Andie MacDowell because she always seems even more nervous than my English teacher, always presenting herself with a pained smile. In „Green Card` of course, the fact that she is not at all likeable (to me at least) fits perfectly, and one little wonder of the movie is that Gérard Depardieu can convincingly play that he is falling in love with her.

A comedy surprise.

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