The Griddle House



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Luke Perry as Older Jack
Clare Kramer as Francis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by susandinardoh 7 / 10

Labor of Love

I don't understand the over-the-top negative reviews of this movie. It's as though the viewers were expecting a blockbuster, over-produced cinematic home run. Expectations are different for independent movies - not lower - but different. I expected and enjoyed the interwoven stories and characters that inhabited The Griddle House. It almost felt like I was watching a production at the local playhouse, where all the characters and actors were approachable and believable. The only thing that keeps me from rating this movie higher is the volume of the ambient music; it overshadowed much of the dialogue.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

A diner New Year's Eve

Luke Perry stops to help a stranded motorist on New Year's Eve and they get to talking about how back in his youth when his role is played by Alex Shaffer he goes out in search of his birth mother reputed to hang around a 24 hour diner called The Griddle House.

When there Shaffer meets some interesting, interacts with some drama with other people there as the clock ticks the year away.

Nothing really more to say. William Saroyan's great play The Time Of Your Life seems to have been the inspiration for this film. But in execution it falls woefully short.

An interesting try though.

Reviewed by ryansalamence 4 / 10

13 robots walk into a diner...

I have a genuine theory that every character in this film is a robot replicating a human being but not quite well enough. Something about these characters, the way they acted, spoke and the things they chose to do all just sat wrong with me and didn't feel human.

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