The Grudge 3


Action / Animation / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Shawnee Smith as Dr. Sullivan
Marina Sirtis as Gretchen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hellholehorror 3 / 10

Avoided the winning formula

Looked fine. Couldn't complain at all. The violence wasn't too gory but it seemed more effective that way. Good solid sound. Nothing exciting but nothing bad. Could have been much more imaginative. I didn't enjoy it as much as the others. The scares were rather lame (no-one in the bed or a hoodie). I liked the acting I guess and the story wasn't terrible although nothing new to the series. The weakest of the first 5! They seemed to avoid the winning formula.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 2 / 10

Absolutely bad.

This movie is the continuation of "The Grudge 2", a sequel to a western remake of a Japanese horror film. It turns out that this film is almost unrelated to its predecessor. Well, he tries to continue the story but there are new actors, new team and new director, plus an absolutely miserable script that ruins any quality ambition that this movie could have. So, what we have here is a completely new thing that tries to recycle a bad and worn out material. The cast looks pretty amateurish, none of the actors was really good. They have limited themselves to sustaining the film's horror environment, as a hospital staff doing the minimum services on a day of strike. The director doesn't do a fabulous job, but we can not expect too much from a professional with so little experience. Takashi Shimizu leaves the director's chair but gave a helping hand in the script of Brad Keene, which does not seem to have advanced. The story is very bad, inedible and even comical at certain times. Special effects and hauntings no longer frighten us, sometimes they make us laugh. Conclusion: Film directors do not know how to stop making movies when the material has passed its expiration date.

Reviewed by Brandon Veracka 2 / 10

Riding the Coattails of a Far Better Film

Firstly it's worth noting that I watch a TON of horror films. Whether they're good, bad, weird, low-budget indies or big-budget Hollywood flicks, I give nearly every one a chance including this cash-&-grab, "The Grudge 3".

If you want to experience true horror and you've never seen "Ju-On", then I implore you to go watch that amazing film NOW. You'll thank me. Takashi Shimizu is a genius and sadly he had nothing to do with "The Grudge 3". So if you're looking for a cliché Hollywood horror flick with all of the worst elements of modern horror rolled into one terrible little film burrito, look no further than "The Grudge 3"!

By the time "The Grudge 3" came about, the Japanese haunting idea was getting old. Most importantly and sadly, Takashi Shimizu had nothing to do with the making of this film. Toby Wilkins directed this sloppy mess, and it's like a slap in the face to Shimizu's amazing work with the first film, as well as it's American adaptation which was also very good. Much like "The Grudge 2", the third installment is just dry and full of anticlimactic suspense.

All of the wonderful aspects of the original film which gave it an incredibly tense atmosphere and a realistic sense of dread are totally absent here. The monster(s) are overused; we see WAY too much of these ghost-like people that they're just not scary. What was initially frightening is now boring. The movie is so far from scary--and just plain bad--to the point that it's almost painful to watch. What was supposed to be making me cringe in fright was making me cringe in disgust and frustration. "The Grudge 3" is bad in every way, and it's the antithesis of what the original masterpiece that started it all was; a really scary film that brought something new and fresh to the table. It's not even funny-type bad, it's just bad! I usually don't rate films this low, but this one should simply be avoided altogether. Please believe me when I say there are MUCH better horror films to watch, even if your standards are really low. This is a bad, bad, baaad film!

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