The Heartbreak Kid


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Michelle Monaghan as Miranda
Ben Stiller as Eddie
Eva Longoria as Consuela
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James 7 / 10

Not-too-funny comedy that struggles with its moral issues

In the Farrelly Brothers' "The Heartbreak Kid", an unmarried 40-year-old faces accusations that he must be gay ... or hopeless ... or too fussy ... or all three; and then just happens to come across the perfect potential girlfriend just shortly thereafter. There's a beautiful period of courtship and wooing, but then he's once again bounced ever so slightly by his surroundings ... in this case into taking the plunge of marriage. It's (as soon as) on the way to a honeymoon in Mexico that the doubts over the choice first set in, and this push factor is augmented by a pull factor when he reaches the destination, in the form of another lady who is clearly "far more suitable for him in every way". The woman married is played by Malin Akerman, while the new perfect woman comes in the shape of Michelle Monaghan, and neither have "much wrong with them in the looks department"; so it's much more an issue of personality and habits and so on. But still...

It's no surprise to anyone that the male lead here is Ben Stiller and he - typically - is the one who brings a basic everyman integrity and decency into his roles, right?

In the way that someone like Adam Sandler can never really do?

Well, here, sadly, this is too much of a challenge even for Stiller's not-inconsiderable comedy talents, and so his character of Eddie rather quickly starts looking both mean and foolish; and it's increasingly hard to believe he could have been so completely oblivious to his wife's downsides, however swift the wooing and however blind love may be.

This is actually a pity, as the tragic plotline here is one that is not rare by any means in real lives (even if disillusionment sets in after a year and not a day) - and this outcome is mostly going to be more serious than funny.

But here in this film the funny is not funny enough, while the serious is not serious enough.

A nicer outcome than we get here would have seen Eddie do little more than one of his colleagues portrayed in the film actually does - accept the situation, learn to avoid the bad stuff as much as possible, and make the most of the good stuff, wherever it may be. That Eddie cannot do this is all the more condemnatory of him.

In spite of this, the film does make one think on at least a bit (not least about the way one should never either encourage aybody into marrying or discourage them from doing so), so there's no zero here...

Reviewed by sunny-26425 1 / 10

Not what I'd hoped for

I skipped this one when it was in the theaters because of all the bad reviews. It was on tv recently and I watched, thinking it might give a different perspective of the original. I'm not a Stiller fan, but loved Something About Mary, so I had hope. I also love Neil Simon's brilliant work, but the original Heartbreak Kid (which in fairness was advertised as a "dark comedy", and indeed it was) I found to be unfunny and oddly disturbing. In the original, for those who haven't seen it, the character of Lila is a sweet Jewish girl whose only faults are she can't sing on key, she's a messy eater, and she constantly asks her new husband (named Lenny here) if he thinks the sex is good. She obviously adores and trusts him and is totally clueless that he's seeing someone else while she's stranded in their hotel room with her sunburn. When she's finally able to go out again, he tells her he wants out of the marriage over dinner at a restaurant she had been wanting to go to, which was really sad and painful to watch, frankly. Then a bus is heading up the highway and you know she's on it, never to be seen again in the film. Fast-forward to the end, and he marries the other girl in spite of the fact that her father hates him. She looks quite happy at their wedding reception, but he has that look like he had when he began to lose interest in Lila and the original film ends there, but you know without it being said that the new wife will suffer the same fate as the first. Both women in the 1972 version are the sympathetic characters and Lenny proves to be just a schmuck who only wants something until he actually gets it. The film was a great success, with a lot of nominations and two actors receiving awards, and the acting was brilliant. I was hoping in this version the Farrelly brothers would lend some actual comedy to the story, but for me it didn't happen, and I have to agree with most of those bad reviews. Someone who's never seen the original would obviously have a different perspective and might actually enjoy this film, but I didn't.

Reviewed by frank hamill 1 / 10

absolute garbage

Compared to the original ...this is absolute garbage. This movie is geared for the 13-14 year old that would find this movie funny. This not a put down to 13-14 year old. I would find it funny at 14 too. 90% of all movies are geared to this age group today. Spiderman-superman-wonder woman etc

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