The Highest Pass


Adventure / Biography / Documentary / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 93

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pingram-162-873703 8 / 10

A good adventure documentary!

A nice little documentary about a group of seemingly normal people taking on a task that is anything but normal. The start is a bit slow as the background is given for the characters and the stage is set for the actual journey. Once the journey begins though the movie is exactly what you would expect of it. Breathtaking back drops and some harrowing moments as the riders take to the roads of Northern India. What sets this apart from just being another adventure documentary however is the relationship each rider has with their teacher and guru Anand. This ultra modern Guru who messages on his I-phone while riding a bike turns this adventure into an inward look at what is holding us back from making our lives truly incredible. This movie has much more of a sense that it is average people with average skills than do other motorcycle adventures like 'Long Way Down' and 'Long Way Around' I thought this was a well shot and well told story of people taking on a trip that will change their lives.

Reviewed by joe-50-539736 5 / 10

the message does not resonate with me

I just watched this film on KQED in the SF Bay Area. Sorry, but I was disappointed on two levels. First, I thought the "Manifest Destiny" attitude of Anand speeding through roads full of unsuspecting travelers (including children) was irresponsible. (Didn't one of the other riders say as much?) … Second, the film ended before the riders reached their destination. Was it a temple of sorts like Borobudur in Java? Was the reason for the journey just to say they rode the highest pass? … Also, a few of other riders seemed intimidated and/or bullied by Anand's will to press on. The scenic road was breathtaking for sure, but my perception of the human agenda was disconcerting. … These are my beliefs, so please don't discount how I feel with a snarky response.

Reviewed by tim_s_wiley 8 / 10

Great inspirational movie without the Holywood cheese.

I thought the movie itself overall was great, but i do have a serious preference to adventure/road trip movies so take that with a grain of salt.

The movie is at its best showing genuine human nature in today's times... Fear, challenges, temptations to quit, preserverance, accomplishment, and all along the way self-reflection and growth. It was a very nice and very real journey to watch that wasn't completely Holywooded to death.

The only issue i had with the movie was that Anand didn't sell the sincerity of his role to me. He just seemed like an intelligent yet very careless thrill-seeker that unconsciously unconsciously leveraged his very real spirituality to motivate others to support his cause in order to bolster his own spirit, but sadly he also uses this same mystic spiritual nature as a reason/excuse to expose his team to excessive risks and dangers and it just didn't pass any smell test. This kinda made the core of his character a bit less mature as he was selling himself as. That said Anand's thrill seeking spirit was the single thing that pushed the team harder than they would have went on their own and in the end each team member grew in a unique and personal way because of the excessive risks and challenges they overcame. I felt they all looked at Anand as a quite young spiritualist but the team was wise enough to see basic traits and components of Anand's spirituality and character that they wanted to incorporate into who they were and so they did.

Kinda into Royal Enfield motorcycles after this movie. Oh and i really enjoyed the soundtrack all done by one artist it looks like... never the less I'm going to try to get some of those tracks in my playlist.

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