The House


Animation / Comedy / Drama

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Helena Bonham Carter as Jen 1 episode, 2022
Matthew Goode as Raymond 1 episode, 2022
Stephanie Cole as Great Aunt Eleanor 1 episode, 2022
Jason Barnett as Visitors & Relatives 1 episode, 2022
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lanaijw 8 / 10

Delightfully Creepy

Lovely animation that perfectly suits the tone of the three stories. I was especially unsettled while watching the first story. Darkly funny, enjoyably uncomfortable, and I like that not every little question is answered (for example: who exactly is the builder of the house?). If you liked Love Death & Robots, give this a go.

Reviewed by JeramyJcb 9 / 10

The House Is Netflix's Most Underrated Film

The House is a brand new three part film that spans over 4 directors and an hour and 40 minutes. When I first watched the trailer for this film I knew it was going to be something different. While Netflix has certainly picked it up with its original movies the past few years I knew this was going to be like nothing we had seen before. Oh was I right

Chapter one is directed by Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels and written by Enda Walsh and it is nothing short of one of the creepiest things I've watched. All 3 episodes/ Chapters are set around this house (who would've guessed) in these episodes we get to see the effect the house puts on people. I'm not going to go into to much detail as I want you experience this movie and all it has to offer yourself. Chapter one is based around a family of four in the 1800's as they move into this house they are being offered by a mysterious benefactor. Every episode is somewhat ominous and creepy and this episode has its parts. A Great unique art style paired with music from Gustavo Santaolalla and which reminds me of one of my favorite shows Over the garden wall makes for a fantastic and pretty scary movie. I was originally planning on watching this at 3 Am when it was released. I'm glad that I was tired and instead watched it in the morning. It's a tale that teaches us that Wants and Desires are not always what's best for us.

Chapter 2 which is directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr does the art style the most justice as this episode is filled with absolute nightmare fuel. Set in the present day this chapter follows a Property Developer who has almost everything go wrong. This episode is absolutely terrifying. Their is one scene in particular that is so incredibly freaky that still while writing this review is one of the only things I can think of.

Chapter 3 is directed by Paloma Baeza and is the episode that makes you feel the most emotion. Despite the last two episodes being so freaking creepy something about this episode made me feel this absolutely gut wrenching and almost heart wrenching feeling that I don't think I can explain. Set in the near future where the world has been flooded it follows a Young Landlady trying to restore the house to its former glory. It's a tale of letting go of the past and moving on. The absolute almost fear I felt during this chapter is insane. It's the least "scary" of the three yet it resonated with me at such a level where I felt indescribable emotion.

I can't go to in-depth as I don't want to spoil anything but this movie is so strange yet it is so insanely good. This movie definitely isn't going to be for everyone but if the trailer intrigued you or if this review made you want to watch it, please do.

Reviewed by ssangha-21515 9 / 10

Darkly Funny, Yet Horrific Saga Of A Very Strange House (Mild Spoilers)

One of the best animation films I've seen. All 3 parts are very competently directed, and the animation captures even subtle movements extremely well. The voice actors deserve special mention for being uniformly excellent. The story begins with a story set in what seems to be late Victorian England, with a mysterious man promising much to a young family without asking anything in return. The voice actors , Mia Goth and Eleanor De Swaef are so extremely sweet and expressive in this segment. The atmosphere is deeply unsettling and reminiscent of a story by E F Benson or Algernon Blackwood.

It leads into the second one , with a tonal shift regarding the time period. It deals with a young, harried developer trying to create this showpiece-type home to sell. The building is in shambles but he keeps trying to paper over the cracks. While this seemed a bit gimmicky compared to the first, what it shows and what it reveals will leave you thinking for days after. Though one of the scenes made me wonder if the director was hinting at an immigrant intrusion, and I hope not, because it is a brilliant short otherwise. The third one is far more benign on the surface than the others and seems to hint at a happy ending, but then this house is not what it seems. This part had some beautiful scenes in the end on par with a Ghibli movie.

I both liked and disliked the mysteriousness of the house and its origins, keeping in mind how sinister some of the scenes are. It's one of the most engaging films Netflix has ever made and is a must watch.

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