The Hunted


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 40782


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Benicio Del Toro as Aaron Hallam
Connie Nielsen as Abby Durrell
Tommy Lee Jones as L.T. Bonham
Mark Pellegrino as Dale Hewitt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by berkeleybuzz 8 / 10

simple yet thoroughly satisfying

Jones and Del Toro show why they are amongst the best of their respective generations. Not only with strong acting, but also for the precisely coordinated and physically demanding fight scenes. While it may be hard to believe that Jones can deliver such impressive action at his age, he is more than believable as the type of grizzled ass-kicker who can square up against Del Toro's world-class assassin. The movie's plot is too simple; its basically two men hunting each other. Still, legendary director William Friedkin delivers a sharp well-paced 90 minute chase through the film's third star, the beautiful city of Portland and the magnificent forestry that surrounds it.

Reviewed by savanna-2 7 / 10

I Don't Get the Low Score Here

How could they have made this story better. There wasn't a need for more dialog or love story and the fight scenes were amazingly well done. Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro played expertly off one another. I didn't flash onto another film when I was watching this. I was surprised to read a comparison to Rambo. What? How is that even possible. Other than the military theme (which is rather minimal in this film, since Aaron could have easily been CIA, etc.) and people being killed, what is the connection?

While Rambo is gory and violent and rather gratuitous, The Hunted is none of these. The worst we get with the "killings" are a few glimpses of *photos* if the hunters killed at the beginning of the film. I guess this is a thinking man's action film and for those that don't want to think, they will be quick to put it down.

Reviewed by emperor_bender 5 / 10

Not bad, but not great

Some movies are made just for action, some just for story.

Unfortunately, the Hunted doesn't seem to fit either category.

There is not much depth to the story here, although they try hard to make it seem that way.

Simply: A killing machine is on the loose, so they send the guy who trained him to get him. No side story needed to forward the plot.

Tommy Lee Jones gives a decent performance as L.T. Bonham, the "hunter". Nothing spectacular, but not bad either.

Benicio del Toro gives a good performance as Aarom Hallam, the killing machine who does not give much purpose as to why he IS a killing machine.

Connie Nielsen and Jose Zuniga are OK as FBI agents Durrell and Moret.

There were some great action scenes, and a few interesting moments. I wouldn't call them extraordinary though.

Over all: OK movie. Watch if you have nothing better to do.


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