A Very Murray Christmas


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juliankennedy23 9 / 10

Murry Christmas everyone

I can't quite put my finger on it. This special starts out bad, possibly purposely so, with Amy Poehler hamming it up something awful. But it grows on you with memories of Christmas's past. By the time Murray is singing a surprising non-rapey version of Baby it's Cold Outside we are in full Christmas swing. Capped off with a blast of nostalgia for Christmas Specials past with a surprisingly talented Miley Cyrus and a ridiculously charming George Clooney.

I used to be a Love Actually Christmas Eve traditionalist. This however has been my go to Christmas special the last two years and I see no reason not to continue that tradition again next year.

Reviewed by waynebunch 8 / 10

Enjoy it for what it is...

Anyone looking at a Christmas special written by/for Bill Murray and expecting a plot and story line is either too young or too dumb to just enjoy it. It is Bill at his best. Calm, collected and one hell of a showman. It's dark and bright in the best of ways. Great sound quality, good people being people.

The progression of the movie was very well done. I was content with it initially; but as it went on I loved it more and more. I watched the musical scenes twice (Silent Night maybe more) in one sitting.

In 10 years everyone will be calling this a Christmas must watch. If you know Bill Murray and enjoy him, you can't lose.

Reviewed by gslegra 10 / 10

Made Me Laugh

A BIG thank you to Bill Murray, Chris Rock, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, et al. for making me laugh (and cry...Miley Cyrus's rendition of Silent Night brought tears to my eyes.) when I needed it most. Bravo to those who bravely took the mike while they obviously cannot carry a tune,(eh Chris and George?) Have been watching Bill Murray since his debut on SNL. And who would ever guessed that Clooney would be where he is today after watching him on Roseann?! Despite the negative reviews here, this little gem created some much needed Christmas cheer. I hope to see another Murray Christmas next year! And for all of you who were disappointed...bah humbug!

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