The Hunters


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Alexa PenaVega as Dylan Savini
Robbie Amell as Paxton Flynn
Michelle Forbes as Jordyn Flynn
Victor Garber as Mason Fuller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ottoskorzeny-53649 3 / 10

had potential but was terrible.

Not going to waste as much time on review that i wasted watching it. dont know where to start, but after first 10 mins i was disappointed. the story had promise, but just didnt make it happen. if you see it for $1 in the bargain bin at the used dvd store, pass it by.

Reviewed by crolemberg 1 / 10

I tried to watch but not bad

Not recommend watching.

Oh really!!! Not recommend watching.

too bad, I tried to watch, but not bad ..

cast and terrible script, weapons are a joke ...

the idea of ​​the film is good, but unfocused and low budget, leasing It seems that they are always on the same site, the fights are very bad, summarizing the movie and bad and bad more deserve less than 1 vote ...

Not recommend watching.

They tried but failed. and I think it was done in a single weekend.

lousy actors are there who can act and children and his girlfriend left the direct twilight missed the werewolf and vampire top models

I tried to watch and I had to stop after 25 minutes of bad movie

and really do not recommend watching.

Reviewed by StubbyDetto 3 / 10

Indiana Jones cheese

Harrison Ford wouldn't be able to save this film. This was a cheap version of Indiana Jones but with no Indiana Jones. I think the film was going for clever and amusing but didn't quite get there. Robbie & Alexa are likable in anything they're in. They are pretty and pleasant and keep the film somewhat watchable. They also have good chemistry. This film could've been good if it had better writing & less cheese. The story wasn't too good either. I really couldn't get passed the ridiculousness to enjoy the movie. At least Robbie is cute and Alexa has good hair. This was a huge waste of Victor Garber's talents. I'm surprised he's in it as well as Robbie and Alexa. The mom acted too much like Jane Wayne. The villains could have been a little more intimidating versus Three Stooges like. There was definitely no reason for the good guys to be scared. All in all I did get through it so I gave them a solid 3 which is better than a walk away one.

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