The Ice Road


Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
IMDb Rating 0 10 0

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Holt McCallany as Lampard
Benjamin Walker as Varnay
Laurence Fishburne as Goldenrod
Matt McCoy as General Manager Sickle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by musicnetwork-85033 3 / 10


Yet another generic Netflix production with lots of clichés and unbelievable actions.

If you're incredibly bored and also willing to turn off your intellect for about and hour and a half, then go ahead and watch.

If you have anything better to do or to watch, skip this.

Reviewed by darkoons-92311 3 / 10

If you want real review

I like Liam's movies. They are not very smart, but you get the action and that's enough. BUT THIS MOVIE... OMG. Everything seems so stupid, I don't understand who is writing scenarios like this. 10y old kids? Story, acting, dialogues, even action is stupid. Someone write review with "PERFECT". Want to ask that person what is perfect here? I bet this score drips down in a few days, from 7.3 to something less than 6. I would give 2 stars, but it's Liam, so he gets 1 star just for being there.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10

Something a little bit different for Neeson and it works

For a little while there all Liam Neeson movies were starting to feel a little similar. Someone did him wrong, so he went out and took vengeance. It's a good basis for a movie, but it was getting a little tired. So even though it was a little disappointing to see a PG-13 rating attached to his new film 'The Ice Road', it was also good just to see him doing something slightly different - albeit with a hint of the old vengeance storyline thrown in for good measure.

In spite of the PG-13 rating this may be one of the grumpiest characters Neeson has ever played, and that's saying something. He is a seriously angry man in this one. Early on he was actually particularly unpleasant. A character is making racist remarks right beside him, and instead of stepping in he basically goes along with it. There is almost no humour in this movie either. It takes itself very seriously.

The film moves at a good pace. I was a little bit worried early on about how they were going to stretch a truck ride into a 104 minute movie. It really wasn't a worry though in the end. Throw in some major mishaps and a bad guy or two to throw some fuel on the fire, and you have yourself a pretty action-packed film.

Some of the direction was a little choppy in some of the action sequences and I think they could have cleaned up some of the character development to make certain people more likeable. Otherwise though I had a decent time with 'The Ice Road'. 7/10.

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