The Immortal Wars



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Eric Roberts as Dominion Harvey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nikar4 2 / 10

Could have been so much more

This film would have been great with a better script and more talented actors.

I'm a huge fan of fantasy and dystopian thrillers so this should have been a hit for me. Unfortunately while the world created is interesting, we only get snippets of how they got into this situation and it's only through talking. This could've been expanded a little, along with the back stories of the fighters. I was never really invested in any of the characters as I didn't know any of them.

The dialogue between fighters was unbelievable and there was no chemistry between any of them. It was all rather wooden.

Likewise there were a few good fight scenes but the majority looked more like dancing than fighting.

The dress was almost as laughable as the script.

I really wanted to like this but it was a huge no. I'm embarrassed I made it to the end.

Reviewed by shaolinchess 1 / 10

How did happen?

It's a low budget movie that they didn't even finish. It ends right when it was about to gain momentum it ended. Graphics and storyline were worse than SNES Shaqfu. I imagine the sequel will be even worse. WTF did I watch?

Reviewed by gedanielson 2 / 10

Drags on and on.

There's little to recommend in this dull and boring movie. It's the future and people with powers are being rounded up and made to fight to the death. Seen that story a few times, huh. But those films were no where near as dreary, and mind numbing, as this version. It was a struggle to sit through it. I saw it in a group and there was complaining, about the script, the acting, the melodrama, just about everything on the screen in fact. It's tiring to have to remember how dull it was. It was putting people to sleep. You'd be better off watching The Running Man. That's a more entertaining movie.

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