The Infiltrator


Action / Biography / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 7 10 61628


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Bryan Cranston as Robert Mazur
Diane Kruger as Kathy Ertz
Amy Ryan as Bonni Tischler
John Leguizamo as Emir Abreu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leon Smoothy 8 / 10

A masterpiece about the 80's drug cartel business in the USA.

This movie will leave you on the the edge of your seat from beginning to end. If you know anything about the beginning of the South American drug cartels, and their way of operating, or not, this will be a rewarding experience. Cranston is, as usual, excellent in his role as a US Customs agent posing as a major money laundered to get the big fishes on the hook during the 80's blooming cocaine trade in Florida. As a former accountant, a family man with children, he soon realises he is in over his head, but raises to the task and do an excellent, but constantly life threatening job. Adapting to an increasingly brutal environment he does a great job, despite not getting really good support from his superior officers. A movie based on true events, and one I wished actually were longer than it's 127 min running time. A must see.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 7 / 10

Awkward Expositions Collide - Suspenseful Story Anchored by Cranston's Angst

A Great Cast does some Fine Acting that Drives this Fractured Movie. It is Split into a Schizophrenic Story that Struggles to Balance the Two Competing Milieus.

The Emphasis Switches, not so Seamlessly, from Corrupt Shiny Bankers to Psychopathic Drug Cartels. There is Evil being done with Paperwork and Wetwork and as the Film Unfolds these Things Blur, Disorient, and make the Viewing Experience Less than the Entertainment is should be.

However, taking Each Element on its own, both sides of the Issue, ("The Sting"), are Engrossing Enough to Withstand the Ping-Ponging of the Story-Line.

It's Bryan Cranston's Picture Portraying "Real Life" Undercover Agent Robert Mazzulo and Cranston's Angst Anchors the Movie as the Deceits and Deceptions Determine the Outcome of each Phase of the Case.

It's a Good Looking Film with a Soundtrack that doesn't quite Nail the Songs of the Era but it's Not Too Distracting, because the rest of the Production Design is Snappy with its 1980's Template.

The Banker/Gangster Expositions Collide now and then with Tonal Shifts and are Awkward, but Overall the Movie is Worth a Watch for some Good Acting and a Supply of Suspense.

Reviewed by bankofmarquis 7 / 10

Well acted character study - NOT an action film

I heard grumblings from two guys who were leaving the theater behind me after seeing THE INFILTRATOR that this movie did not have nearly enough action/bloodshed for them. I think they were expecting another SCARFACE or GOODFELLAS. That is not what this movie is. This movie is a character study of a man who goes undercover with the Pablo Escobar drug cartel and develops relationships/friendships with these bad guys in order to bring them down. The real conflict in this film is not the action, but rather, the RE-ACTION of "the infiltrator" - will he remember that he is just playing a role to bring down the bad guys, or will he lose himself in the role and the relationships and become a bad guy himself?

If you are looking for an action movie, this movie will be a little too slow for you. If you are looking for good acting and a strong character study, then this is a very enjoyable film.

Much of that enjoyment hinges on the performance of Bryan Cranston as Robert Mazur, "The Infiltrator". We follow him as he dives deep into this criminal organization. Cranston is in about 90% of the scenes of this movie, so his performance better be strong or this will be one long movie, indeed. Fortunately for us, his performance is better than strong. He continues his string of fascinating/watchable performances and he more than anchors this film and makes it worth watching.

Ably assisting him is a strong supporting cast - Amy Ryan (as his boss), Jason Issaacs (somewhat wasted as the District Attorney), Benjamin Bratt (as one of the main bad guys), Olympia Dukakis (in a fun turn as his aunt) and Diane Kruger (defying age as another agent posing as his fiancé - when I first saw her I thought "that's a young Diane Kruger" until I realized it WAS Diane Kruger!). Finally, John Leguizamo as Mazur's partner, Emir Abreu is TERRIFIC. The best performance I've seen from him in quite some time. If this movie was a little better and a little later in the season, I'd be touting him for an Academy Award nomination.

If you want blood, guts and action, wait for the Jason Bourne film. If you want an interesting, gripping film that is well acted check out the Infiltrator - you'll be glad you did!

7 (out of 10 stars) and you can take that to the Bank (of Marquis)

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