The Influence



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sherripadgitt-55536 3 / 10

This movie is all over the place...

I didn't find this to be a slow burn as some have sugggested, but I found it to be very disjointed and didn't pace well. Too many things are happening that you don't know what the story is, until toward the latter half, and even then it was still all over the place. It is like a ghost movie, no wait its a possession movie, no wait its a witch movie, no its a revenge movie.....sigh. It is like it didn't know where to go with all of the activity...oh yeah there is poltergeist activity too. Good grief this was difficult to watch and try to stay focused.

Reviewed by orahulji 1 / 10

Bad and boring

Its not a thriller nor a scary movie. Total waste.

Reviewed by mason25 1 / 10

What a steaming pile ...

Maybe the Spanish haven't been to the theater in the last 20 years, but there was nothing new about this movie and certainly nothing scary. It crawled along and went back on forth on plot points. One moment the mother and daughter both seem to be possessed and working together, the next they're still both possessed but working at odds. The grandmother wants her body to die, so the daughter tries to do it once..... wouldn't you keep trying until you succeeded???? As always, fk turning on the lights, or letting in any natural light so the viewers could see half the movie, nope, it's best to leave us literally in the dark wondering at what's going on.

TLDR: don't waste your time.

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