Someone to Watch Over Me


Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Lorraine Bracco as Ellie Keegan
John Corbett as Walker
Mimi Rogers as Claire Gregory
Tom Berenger as Mike Keegan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Looks great, but the story's not all that

Ridley Scott's SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME had the misfortune to come out during a time when FATAL ATTRACTION was going to change the whole look of the psycho-thriller movie. Thus by comparison, this film feels very ponderous and dated. It's a mixed bag of a production, with some decent performances and a nice visual style, but it doesn't really do much we haven't seen before.

It's clear from the outset that Scott is most interested in the dark and brooding cinematography here, because this is a fine-looking movie. The plot, which is about a cop who has to protect a woman who witnessed a mob murder, is less intriguing and indeed rather predictable. Tom Berenger is an acceptable hero and Mimi Rogers is ever-intriguing as the object of his desire, but I can't help but think there's a little too much romance here and not enough thrills. Jerry Orbach props up the supporting cast, as in so many films.

Reviewed by WriterDave 9 / 10

A Sentimental Favorite

I saw this movie when I was younger and for some reason it always stuck with me. I'll always remember the music (the title song as well as the classical pieces used throughout), the vestibule of Mimi Roger's apartment palace, the scene of Tom Berenger having breakfast with his family, Lorraine Bracco's fiery performance as his wife, and the haunting opening aerial shots of NYC lit up at night. I watched it again for the first time in probably nine or ten years and it was like visiting with an old friend or curling up with a good book you had read before. You knew the story, but it was all fascinatingly interesting. The plot here is pretty basic: working class cop has to babysit upper class babe who witnesses heinous murder. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how it all ends, but director Ridley Scott somehow manages to keep it compelling thanks to some great direction and wonderful performances from the cast. Somewhere I saw this billed as an erotic thriller, which is way off base. Scott keeps everything here extremely classy. It's more of a romantic thriller and throwback to the noir films of the 1940's. This may not be the best film you'll ever see, but it's one of the better thrillers of the 1980's, and a worthy testament to Ridley Scott's versatility as a director. It's also nice to see Jerry Orbach in a supporting role that probably paved the way for his part in the never ending "Law and Order" TV series.

Reviewed by robb_772 8 / 10

Tuant romantic thriller - equally stylistic and atmospheric

A highly stylized crime thriller that also manages to work as a tale of adulterous romance in addition to an effective parable of the culture clashes that are apparent between the upper and lower classes. This is a film with multiple agendas, and Ridley Scott, best known at the time for 1979's ALIEN and 1982's BLADE RUNNER, is frankly an odd choice to direct such a picture. However, Scott proves himself to be up to the challenge, and film plays like a slightly abstract dream that isn't afraid to crash down into gritty realism on occasion. With his film noir skills perfected with BLADE RUNNER, Scott turns the focus from the future to an equally idealized version of the present (well, 1987 to be exact), but he maintains the same sense of visual menace and harsh industrialism.

Tom Berenger has received a considerable amount of criticism for the irritating fake Brooklyn accent he delivers his lines in, but I overall I found him to be quite acceptable in the role. Even better is Mimi Rogers, who convincingly portrays the detached loneliness of the high society lifestyle without the benefit of screen dialogue that permits her to openly address such an issue. Jerry Orbach and John Rubinstein are also memorable supporting parts, but it is Lorraine Bracco who steals the picture as Berenger's feisty wife. Long before she was best known as Tony Soprano's psychiatrist, Bracco brought to the screen the ultimate portrayal of the modern wife and mother - loving but fierce, tough but compassionate, and not afraid to slap some sense into the man who has done her wrong.

And I love Sting's opening rendition of the title Gershwin classic.

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