Stopping Traffic


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kkebel 10 / 10

An inspiring documentary that brings awareness and solutions to ending human trafficking!

Stopping Traffic is a must see and a call to action! I commend all those involved in this inspiring documentary for their bravery and for bringing to the general public HOPE in the horrors of human trafficking. The film masterfully intertwines the stories of real-life people and activists who are giving voice to those enslaved. It helps us be more aware that the topic-that most do not want to talk about- is not simply an evil "over there" but too often in our own communities. After seeing this film, I felt uplifted that together we CAN STOP TRAFFICKING for good and bring about positive change to this world. I am reminded, we cannot all be truly free until everyone is free! Watch this film and ACT.

Reviewed by amercitizenof 5 / 10

Good for awareness

I am very happy to see this documentary because it is bringing much needed attention to a huge problem that receives so little attention. It has some great aspects to it, most notably the honesty of John King. It also gets across what a widespread problem this is. It lacked depth when addressing the root causes of the problem as well as the solutions. When discussing sex trafficking in America, there was no mention of illegal immigration and how traffickers use it to get kids. They talked about poverty and how desperate parents would sell their kids, but didn't say that desperate parents will all hand their kids to the cartel to get them to America. The movie brought up Afghanistan and how 95% of boys were molested in order to break them and make them soldiers, but it didn't take the additional step to name what kind of soldiers they are being groomed to be. The solutions were basically to protest and spread the word. These don't address the real problems. The quality was also not very high. That said, I recommend watching the movie as an introduction to the issue. I hope that there will be more documentaries made about this issue that delve deeper into causes and solutions.

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