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Scott Adkins as Quinn
Andy On as Conner
Aki Aleong as Dao
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rainbowsbk 1 / 10

Stupid film

What a stupid film! Location is in Vietnam but the extras speak and act like Chinese. the fighting scences are good, this is failed Scott's film though.

Reviewed by wwaigl 7 / 10

Not really aimed at the western audience

I gave this movie a 7. It had some good fight sequences and the overall production values were good. Looking at the executive producer and financing list I don't think its really aimed at a western audience but rather chinese and vietnamese audiences. Its sort of a hash of eastern mysticism/scifi/martial arts. So I can understand some of the low scores although they are not really warranted - nothing in this movie was a "2" and if you want to see a 2 score movie I can point the way to plenty.

Anyways it has a discernable plot, it flows forward with no obvious continuity errors, has a reasonable budget for cgi and special effects, and has some good martial arts sequences. Its not going to win any awards but if you like an action movie with a touch of scifi to it and have exhausted all the tier 1 and 2 level movies then this is an ok stop.

Reviewed by cbodhinath 8 / 10

Definitely a good film

I was so disappointed with some of the previous Scott Adkins films and was quite surprised when I saw this film. This film shows Scott Adkins can actually act in addition to his amazing fighting skills. There is no gore but some excellent fights choreographed by Tim Mann. A decent story not fast pace but watchable without getting bored. Viewers may differ but a very good film for Scott Adkins fans. There is absolutely no reason for giving below 5 star ratings.

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