The Killing Gene


Crime / Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 8652

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Tom Hardy as Pierre Jackson
John Sharian as Jack Corelli
Michael Wildman as O'Hare
Ashley Walters as Daniel Leone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Dull, grimy, seen it all before

I'm not sure why this film was so highly acclaimed upon release. It's another grim and unsatisfactory serial killer outing, with Stellan Skarsgard on gruff form as a tired, beat-down old cop investigating the crimes of a murderer who carves a mysterious symbol upon the bodies of his victims.

It amazes me that over a decade after the success of SE7EN, films are still content to copy the same look and feel. W DELTA Z is an uneven movie in which the usual police procedural stuff feels tired and forced. It doesn't help the film at all that the characterisation is nil and when finally unmasked, the serial killer role suffers from the worst miscasting ever. Plus, W DELTA Z copies heavily the kind of torture porn familiar in the SAW movies, so don't expect a lot of insight here, just pain.

With Skarsgard on autopilot, it's left to the supporting cast members to try to do something with the movie. Tom Hardy has a brief but eye catching turn as a street thug, but Melissa George takes centre screen in one of those rookie cop type roles. I've always liked her as an actress, especially given that she seems fond of the horror genre given how many horror movies she'd made over the years. Paul Kaye and Selma Blair are lower down the list. In any case, you can't help but feel that the actors are wasting their time with this one.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10

Solid and Dark Police Story

When the body of the pregnant girlfriend of the criminal Wesley Smith (Michael Liebman) is found electrocuted, detectives Eddie Argo (Stellan Skarsgård) and Helen Westcott (Melissa George) are assigned to investigate the case. They seek out Wesley with his gang of low-life criminals and Pierre (Tom Hardy), Jamal (Sean Brian Jordaan) and Daniel Leone (Ashley Walters) tell that they have not seen him. They move to a crack alley and the addicted whore Elly (Sally Hawkins) tells that Wesley is upstairs. They find Wesley tortured, with two fingers burnt and hanged with the equation W∆Z = Cov + E engraved on his flesh. Then they find Jamal and his twin brother Khaled killed in the same modus operandi and the coroner finds the dissociative anesthetic Ketamine in the autopsy. Helen finds that the only laboratory with the controlled substance available in the area is the one managed by the researcher Dr. Gelb (Paul Kaye). When they arrive, Dr. Gelb explains the meaning of the equation a.k.a. Price equation, which is a mathematical description of evolution and natural selection, i.e., there is no altruism in nature. Their further investigation discloses that Dr. Gelb's former assistant was Jean Lerner (Selma Blair), a young woman that was gang raped by Pierre and his gang and forced to kill her own mother. Due to contaminated evidences, the criminals have never been sentenced. Now she is forcing each rapist to kill the one he or she loves to save himself or herself from death, influenced by Dr. Gelb researches. Further, Helen suspects that her partner and detective Jack Corelli (John Sharian) intentionally destroyed the evidences.

"W∆Z" is a solid and dark police story and it is inevitable the comparison with the style and cinematography of "Se7en". The plot is very well resolved, supported by an excellent screenplay, great direction and stunning performances. The gruesome locations are depressive, using a dark cinematography, and the relationship between Eddie and Danny is a surprising twist. The characters are believable, with corrupt police and criminals living in the gray division between law and crime. This is the type of movie in which the killer has good motives for her actions. The plot is clever, raising questions about the existence and meaning of love and evolution of species. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "W∆Z – Matemática da Morte" ("W∆Z – Mathematic of the Death")

Reviewed by kosmasp 9 / 10


I was surprised when I watched this movie at the Fantasy Film Festival in Stuttgart/Germany. And I'm surprised that it got a high rating here at IMDb too. Not because it doesn't deserve it in my eyes (obviously as seen in my rating). I just didn't expect a relatively small movie (even with a stellar cast, and yes pun intended) to be noticed that much, but I was wrong.

The movie itself is very dark and gritty. It's also not for the faint hearted! There are scenes here, that might make you squeal, if you're not up for the brutality of what is shown! Allow yourself into this brutal and dark world and be amazed by it's "beauty"! That's all I have to say, about this thriller ...

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