The King and I


Drama / Musical / Romance

IMDb Rating 8.1 10 225

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Ken Watanabe as The King of Siam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michael_hope 10 / 10

You felt like you were in the Palladium

One word describes this viewing of the King and I at the London Palladium: Scrumptious.

I was one of a few 100 almost-theatre-goers in my local cinema. Having booked early, we were slap bang in the middle of the screening, at eye level with the eyes of the actors and it was fantastic.

All the actors were on top-form, the orchestra played every note beautifully, the choreography was gorgeous, the lighting was inspiring and the cameras were top-quality.

The filming took place as if you were in the audience. As it was a live performance in front of real paying theatre-goers there were no cameras swooshing around on stage, it was all as un-obstructive as possible and it created a feeling of being in the audience in all the best spots to capture every moment.

Only two qualms: sometimes - when the actors were moving at a quick rate - there was some blurring on the screen. However, in the still moments, you could see every pore on the actor's body. Second, in the theatre, an actor will usually have to be over the top in their mannerisms, because the cameras were zoomed in, these looked a bit 'weird'.

Still, this is and will be a great production. I genuinely hope it comes out on DVD, it is already the biggest filmed theatre show of 2018, please bring it out!

Reviewed by vinsond21 8 / 10

The King and I, breathtakingly brought to life again for the stage and screen

I was just a few years old when i first watched The King and I, and i loved it. I was enthralled by the ravishing sets, the radiant Deborah Kerr, the strikingly handsome Yul Brynner and of course, the musical's tuneful numbers stuck in my head. Although i was a mere child, the images of the movie never left my mind. Other screen versions of this musical came and went, and somehow never stuck. The original from 1956 remains the best to date. Recently, the classic show was revived on Broadway and the West End to much critical acclaim, so much so that a live performance of this version from the London Palladium was captured on film. And a good thing it was, too. It serves as a nice companion piece to the one from 1956, which was filmed on a sound stage in Hollywood. Thus, they are very different despite being renditions of the same material. While the pairing of Kerr and Brynner remains incomparable, Kelli O'Hara and Ken Watanabe in this version do not disappoint. O'Hara is excellent, and deservedly won the Tony for Best Actress; her singing and acting are flawless. Watanabe does a competent job in his role as the King of Siam; more importantly, he is clearly having fun playing the part and we love him for that. Ruthie Ann Miles delivers beautifully as Lady Thiang while a most pleasant surprise is Jabez Cheeseman as Louis Leonowens; the young Cheeseman acts and sings so well, i really look forward to seeing him in more musical roles in the years to come. The photography here is razor sharp and the sound so clear that the audience can see and hear as if the actors were right in front of them. In fact, watching this movie is like occupying front row seats at the London Palladium, and you are right up there with the performers. Even then, subtitles are provided so you can hear and read every line uttered or sung. This being filmed live, there is an intermission between Acts One and Two, which is not unwelcome as one is then allowed to go for a toilet break at least. I have no complaint over the rendition of the many beloved tunes; the choreography for the March of the Siamese Children happily does not differ from the original which was delightfully adorable. My only beef is with some of the short numbers inserted between scenes, a necessary evil as this was a live stage performance; one in particular, about Western people being funny, comes across as overly patronizing.

Reviewed by cordenw 10 / 10

Thank you PBS

I hope this production travels to Vancouver, it is absolutely fabulous.

Rodgers and Hammerstein ....... what can you say about talent like that?

You can only say that you're lucky enough to have been on the earth to listen to the lyrical and musical masterpieces that they produced.

Almost every song can stand alone and bring you to tears (as they do in South Pacific). But when those songs are delivered by such ineffable talent and supported by incredible dancing and set design, you are left just gasping for breath in admiration.

How they find these actors and performers is a "puzzlement" to me, just like the ways of the world were a puzzlement to the King of Siam...... but somehow they DO find them and they sparkle like diamonds.

The kids are just so endearingly cute, Lady Thiang, the principal wife, so incredibly beautiful and elegant, that they all could just walk across the stage and bring the house down.

To have this presence and to be able to sing like birds and dance like butterflies is to send you to heaven.

Each and every supporting performance builds a beautiful story that lets the two stars, Kelli O'Hara and Ken Watanabe shine like the tropical sun on top of it all. Their interpretation of the lyrics and the emotions they convey is just nothing short of ecstasy.

I would pay any amount of money to see the show live if it ever came to Vancouver, even if it was a touring cast. As it is, I am so happy that the people at PBS were able to pull this broadcast off. Three hours of my life where I was totally removed from myself.

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