The Kiss


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 467

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Senta Moses Mikan as Julianna
Illeana Douglas as Joyce Rothman
Patty McCormack as Priscilla Standhope
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 6 / 10

Unfinished novel

Reading the disclaimer from the director of this film, Gorman Bechard, makes a lot of sense, as it explains a lot of questions one asked about it while watching it. "The Kiss" must have shown a lot of potential in order for this project to have gone ahead, but it appears there was a lot of cutting, making the film incomprehensible, at times.

The best thing in the film are Terence Stamp and Eliza Dushku, who make the best out of their characters. In flashbacks we see Billy Zane and Francoise Surel as the protagonists of the novel without an ending, and in real life. Alas, these two actors don't live up to what Mr. Bechard probably had in mind.

Since the director was not consulted in the cuts, one can't hold him accountable for what comes out in the screen, yet, one sees the possibilities of what could have been in small doses.

Reviewed by Quicksand 7 / 10

Phenomenal Supporting Cast Carries the Film

I liked this movie. I really did. I rented it on a whim, because of the presence of Eliza Dushku, Terrence Stamp and yes, I admit it, even Billy Zane. This is what the producers wanted me to do-- these are the actors featured most prominently on the DVD cover art. I was suckered, which is unfortunate, but I'm not mad I watched it.

The writing, direction, production value, and make-up are nothing I can complain about--- . This is a cute idea for a story and the music is pleasant and the costuming is really great, subtly but instantly telling you someone is an ex-professor, or party animal, or all business. The actors mentioned above really came to play, making the most of dialogue that varied from mediocre to cheesy, though the cheesy can be passed off as being quoted from a manuscript that is the center of the films plot.

My lone complaint, though this is a major one, is the actress playing the lead, Cara. She's awful. Atrocious. Community Theater bad. She has one facial expression-- this goofy, awkward smile-- which goes away when she says her lines, then returns instantly. Every actor around her exudes charisma and demands your attention just by being there, but Francoise Surel (the DVD credits say she's a former make-up artist) is a blank slate, her several costume changes are more interesting than she is.

All I can think is, the director cast his girlfriend, which was unfortunate because the rest of the movie works so well around her. Ultimately it doesn't matter, because even with a skilled, experienced or interesting actress in the lead, the film still wouldn't be worthy of a theatrical release, but it was still sweet and charming nonetheless. Perhaps a subplot would have helped-- though it doesn't feel like it, the film only runs 80 minutes.

I can see the producers sitting in their office... "Wow, Terrence Stamp said yes? We're LUCKY to get Terrence Stamp. Eliza Dushku said yes? Wow, she's really popular, we're LUCKY to get Eliza Dushku. Ileana Douglas said yes? Wow, she's an indie-QUEEN, we're LUCKY to get Ileana Douglas. Now, we need to cast the romantic lead, to really bring in an audience... hmm.... do you think Francoise Surel is available?"

Yeah, she's totally some dudes girlfriend. She might be nice in real life, but on film she's just a 6-foot skinny-as-a-rail liability (with D-cups, which seems unlikely). Still, this charming, slightly predictable movie overcomes her... by a hair. It's sweet, romantic and better than whatever is on Lifetime this week.... worth a look.

Reviewed by teddyryan 2 / 10

No Good

Before you make fun of this movie or talk about how awful it is, I suggest you read director's Gorman Bechard's defense testimonial. In it, he says that the main actress (gaunt Mia Farrow look-alike) was cast because she was the producer's wife, that someone else edited the picture, and that the music was brought in later. As a result, maybe this is simply a life lesson about Hollywood and how it corrupts anything good. Still, how can one let Mr. Bechard off the hook for having the great Terrence Stamp wear white sneakers? I mean, the guy is supposed to be a JD Salinger-like character and he's in Keds??? That, is kind of tough to forgive. But, alas, what isn't?

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