To Catch a Thief


Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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Cary Grant as John Robie
Grace Kelly as Frances Stevens
Alfred Hitchcock as Man Sitting Next to John Robie on Bus
John Williams as H.H. Hughson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smatysia 8 / 10

Good stuff all around

A bit of a departure for Alfred Hitchcock, somewhat lighter and with less of the trademark suspense. Thoroughly enjoyable, though. Cary Grant was playing Cary Grant by this time, and no one could do it better. And Grace Kelly, what eye-candy! The snappy dialog with the sexual innuendo was done perfectly. And huge kudos to Brigitte Auber, who was gorgeous and very good. An interesting aside was that Grant's character, while pretending to be someone else, claimed to have been an American circus acrobat, which Grant sort of was early in life (albeit English, not American.) Grant (with his accent) could really never be mistaken for an American, even though he usually played one. Also it was a little eerie to see Grace Kelly driving so fast on those French Riviera cliffside roads, in light of what happened to her later. (Of course, she obviously wasn't doing so, they were using back-projection) Anyway, this film is a must for fans of Hitchcock, Kelly or Grant. Grade: A

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 8 / 10

Not 'great' Hitchcock,' but a 'Hitchcock' after all!

We are taken by Alfred Hitchcock to the French Riviera where a series of robberies are occurring, and women screaming that their precious jewels are stolen... A black cat - in each robbery - is roaming stealthily in fear and shame along the roof of the elegant Carlton..

From there, Hitchcock introduces us to John Robie (Cary Grant), a retired jewel burglar known as the 'Cat' who is living in peaceful isolation in Cannes...

Robie is seen upset, bothered,, and worried because the 'Cat' prowls again... But, who is the 'Cat'? Surely someone is imitating his old style, using his ability and skill, almost his cleverness and talent...

Naturally, the police in Cannes is blaming him... They had his hallmark stamped and classified... They would like to catch him in the act and finish with him in jail...

Robie is worried how to catch the real thief being himself subject to harass! The characteristic plot of Hitchcock: To chase and to be chased at the same time...

John Williams (H.H. Hughson) whose Insurance Company has been victim of great robberies, gives Robie what he wants: A list of their wealthy clients whom might be future candidates on the list of the skillful thief...

Here we discover a future victim, the rich Mrs. Stevens (Jessica Royce Landis) and her cool, beautiful and sensual daughter Frances (Grace Kelly).

Four scenes, depicted by the master of suspense, catch our attention:

  • The classic fireworks shot when Frances and Robies expressed their passion joining their lips in a torrid kiss, igniting the fuse of a chain of explosions in sensation colors and in VistaVision...

  • The annoyance of Hitchcock towards eggs: Mrs. Stevens, in her hotel's room, extinguishing her cigarette in the yolk of the fried egg...

  • The Gala night: An extravagant festival of precious stones (diamond, emerald, ruby and gold) displayed in all its beauty and rarity on the neck of women dressed in multicolored and multifarious costumes... Also a close-up for clear identification of the police and gendarme who are ready to capture, to hit, to surprise the famous thief...

  • The climactic classic roof-top chase sequence between Roby and the thief seen before in "Saboteur," and much later in "Vertigo," and "North By Northwest."

With meticulous coiffure and fancy clothes, Grace Kelly plays her role with elegance and fashion... She is gracefully refined and polite showing good taste and style... In the French Riviera she meets her future husband Prince Rainier of Monaco... After finishing the filming of "The Swan," and "High Society," she becomes Princess Grace...

The film captures the aerial shooting of the automobile chases on the Riviera Corniche, the Cote D'Azur, the flower market, the grandeur of the rugged coastal scenery, the sea with much sunshine sparkling flashes of wit and gaiety... It is a pleasant entertainment, a 'Hitchcock Champagne' indeed!

Grace Kelly—contributing with our ideal romantic hero in catching his thief, was in fact scheming to catch him...

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Brilliant thriller-comedy with an exceptional main couple : Grant and Kelly

Enjoyable and riveting comedy-thriller by master of suspense , the great Alfred Hitchcock .On the French Riviera a retired jewel thief nicknamed ¨The Cat¨ (Gary Grant) falling for a gorgeous American girl (Grace Kelly), a high society woman accompanied by her mother (Jessie Royce Landis) , she suspects he's up to his old jobs when a rash of jewel thefts happen. While newspapers publicize ¨The Cat prowls again¨. Then the reformed thief attempting to chase his impersonator .

This elegant film contains suspense , emotion , mystery , and a wonderful love story . And of course full of distinctive Hitchcockian touches with red-herrings , dead-end trails and some typical jokes. Based on the novel by David Dodge , being well adapted by John Michael Hayes who writes a snappy dialog . Marvelous performances from main cast as Gary Grant as smooth and likable thief who returns his old tricks and wonderful , icely effective Grace Kelly whose coldness is gradually melted . Grace Kelly met husband Prince Rainero of Monaco during a photo shop while she was attending the Cannes Film Festival . Both of whom form a sensational couple with sparkling chemical . Furthermore , good secondary cast as the young girl Brigitte Auber and the veterans Jessie Royce Landis and Charles Vanel and of course John Williams who appears nicely dressed in black and posing as servant of two glamorous ladies in a bizarre , fancy costume ball with policeman awkwardly masquerading . There's a magnificent car pursuit throughout the Grand Corniche located on a Riviera hilltop road and shot from a helicopter. Deservedly Oscar-winning cinematography by Robert Buks , Hitch's usual, as he photographed ¨Strangers in a train¨ , ¨The Birds¨ and ¨Marnie¨ . Luxurious Oscar-nominating costumes by Edith Head and splendidly created for Grace Kelly . Spectacular and colorful scenarios with excellent production design by Hal Pereira also nominated to Academy Award , and outdoors filmed in French Riviera , Monaco , Cannes ,and Grand Corniche . Lively and jolly musical score by Lyn Murray. The motion picture is colorfully and stunningly directed by the genius Hitch . Rating : Above average , this Hitchcock effort proved to be as successful as his former popular movies.

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