The Last Time You Had Fun


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 6 10 678

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Eliza Coupe as Ida
Thomas Barbusca as Duncan
Charlyne Yi as Betty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alockenelson 10 / 10

That Rare Thing - A Good Time

This delivers lovely twists on the classic night out on the town tale. I really enjoyed all of the characters. They are all layered and entertaining - well-written and acted. Gorgeous beach sequence. I really liked seeing parents trying to find their own identity apart from their roles as parents but not in some cheesy, inspirational poster kind of way. Perfect rental for a de-stressing and food delivery kind of night.

The director and editors must have enormous restraint to not overuse the super fun Jimmi Simpson and Charlyne Yi. In lesser hands, they might have put in more of these super fun and colorful characters but they knew that less was more with characters this cool.

Reviewed by cekadah 8 / 10


A self discovery coming of age road trip story that never leaves the city!

Clark and Will meet Alison and Ida and spend a night talking and having fun in a stretch limo while navigating the streets of LA. Two sets of strangers let their emotions and inhibitions go to have a few hours of fun before all four must return to their individual private lives.

This charming story is about the chance encounter of people meeting and discovering how much they have in common and having fun while doing it. It's a great road trip story that never hits the road but instead stays on city streets.

I caught this film because I recognized the names of Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Demetri Martin (Comedy Central) and both are excellent in this story!

Reviewed by ksf-2 7 / 10

"relationships" film with humor thrown in. not bad.

Kind of a thinker film. LOTS of talking. (Will) Dmitri Martin and Kyle Bornheimer (Clark) are out "celebrating" Kyle's pending divorce, and they go tooling around the city in a limo. With Kyle still in his sweatpants. Some funny lines in the bar, when the guys meet the girls. The chicks are pretty harsh at first, when Clark offers to buy them a drink... I would have walked away after the first couple insults from one of the girls, but I guess some people dig a challenge. Eliza Coupe and Mary Elizabeth Ellis play two sisters who accompany the guys on their journey. Only three hundred votes on this so far. Looks like this was shown at a bunch of film festivals in 2014, but I hadn't heard of this one before. Nudity. Some clever conversation, mostly about dating, marriage, sex, childbirth. Pretty good, strong, storyline. No shoot em up crazy, wild action, but that's OK. We get more than enough of that from Bruce Willis and Ah-nold. My only complaint was the song that plays during the final credits. Did NOT enjoy hearing someone scream the lyrics way out of their range. Hurt my ears. Directed by Mo Perkins, who has written some interesting films about relationships. I'll let the reader research the fun titles. Nothing at all on Perkins' bio page. Written by Hal Haberman. Nothing on his IMDb bio page either.

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