The Last Winter


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 8609

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Ron Perlman as Ed Pollack
Connie Britton as Abby Sellers
Zach Gilford as Maxwell McKinder
James Le Gros as James Hoffman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dschmeding 4 / 10

The ending made me real angry

The last winter is a movie that starts up promising with an oil field expedition in the arctic plains. The atmosphere of coldness, emptiness, isolation and the resulting paranoia are captured perfectly. Basically the movie starts off a lot like The thing with some modern ecological themes mixed in. There is something under the melting ice... is it nature taking revenge on man, is it ghosts, is it just the paranoia of the crew turning on each other or is it seeping gas from the ground causing hallucinations like the ecological adviser of the team suspects?? We don't know... but I didn't care because the atmosphere, music and beautiful pictures of the white nothingness are just too gripping. Until 2/3rds into the movie I really loved it and was waiting for something to drop the curtain for applause. But it didn't happen... the finale is a mix of all those ideas mentioned, unsure if the thrown in CGI Animal-Ghosts are just products of imagination or natures wrath or whatever. You just get some themes thrown in that never were mentioned before (so what are the childhood pictures supposed to mean and why was the strange box introduced into the plot heavily in the beginning to be dropped off in the end) plus a totally open and disappointing ending that I had the impression to have seen more than once before. Honestly I was angry there about a great movie being ruined so heavily... sitting there and kind of screaming "zoomout and pan, goddamnit" to the camera man. But he didn't ... I can't believe how stupid the last shot is. Watch the first half of the movie, turn it off and leave the rest to your imagination... I think then it could be a lot better than with the directors imagination leading nowhere.

Reviewed by Wheesht 7 / 10

The Last Twenty Minutes!!!

Okay, nothing much to say here that hasn't already been said by all the other good reviewers on here.

Director does a cracking job of building up a sense of tension, isolation and paranoia in the first half of the film. Beautiful, haunting location shots, spot-on musical score and some clever camera-work. Undoubted nods to the likes of 'The Thing', 'Blair With Project' and 'The Shining' but the director still manages to plant enough plot devices (mysterious white box, weird noises and footprints, well-acted descent into madness) to promise a worthwhile outcome.

Sadly, at this point they run out of ideas. In fact if I didn't know better, I'd almost have thought that they switched directors about two-thirds in. Particular gripes: 1) Rubbish CGI. You do NOT need a monster to make your movie scary. Especially when it's some sort of reject from Rocky & Bullwinkle.

2) The whole final scene. Been watching Resident Evil have we? The very final shot screams that they's completely run out of money and couldn't afford to do the apocalyptic wide angle shot that was needed here.

3) Poorly done switch in pace. About two thirds in we go from slow, deliberate menace to frantic, unexplained chaos. Handled well this might have worked. It didn't.

Reading this back it sounds really negative and that's not the impression I want to give. This was a decent movie and I suppose my annoyance is that it wasn't as good as it easily could have been given a bit more care and thought.

Reviewed by Mean_Joe_Weeks 7 / 10

Good effort undermined by some bad choices

Larry Fessenden's "The Last Winter" is a ambitious and smartly made film. It's photographed beautifully and (by and large) acted with conviction and sensitivity. Though the central conceit about nature "taking revenge" is pretty corny, the atmosphere is also pretty compellingly bleak, and the tension mounts pretty effectively as things go from bad to worse. Sadly, as many other reviewers note, the ending throws it all away in a fit of awful CG monsters.

However, try turning it off right at one hour 27 minutes and 30 seconds. This would have been a solid albeit ambiguous ending; if you must watch further do it on a second viewing and consider it a deleted ending. It's just goofy and pointless, and the final "twist" at the end is telegraphed almost from the very beginning (in fact, one character early on describes aloud exactly what the twist will end up being).

Even without the ending, the script has problems with its petty black-and-white portrayal of heroic environmentalist and selfish oil guy. An ensemble atmosphere pic like this lives and dies on the believability of its characters; Perlman's Ed Pollock is simply too villainous to really be convincing, despite a few nice touches of humanity which Perlman brings to him. Le Gros' Hoffman is also a pretty unengaging hero, a blandly heroic saint of a guy who's always right about everything. I'm a serious environmentalist and a left-leaning guy, but the film's literal take on the situation (the dire warnings of natural disaster, the clear heroes and villains) is shallow at best and preachy and patronizing at the worst. It plays to the most obnoxiously self-congratulatory nature of people concerned with the issues presented here, while at the same time offering nothing of any real substance.

Still, the film itself is a pretty fun watch, and a definite step up from Fessenden's previous effort, the ambitious but amateurish "Wendigo" (the titular spirit of which gets name-checked here too!). Great photography combined with naturalistic acting from the likes of Kevin Corrigan and Zach Gilford do much to sell the vibe of the thing, and the setting and slow escalation of the action also add to the experience. Regardless of its stumbles, the film has loads of ambition to do something substantial and enduring, so even when it can't quite deliver on its promise it still beats the slew of cheap-scare horror remakes which every year become more numerous.

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