Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 8112


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Albert Finney as Dewey Wilson
Edward James Olmos as Eddie Holt
Tom Waits as Drunken Bar Owner
Tom Noonan as Ferguson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justice_for_allro 10 / 10

Horror/Thriller with a message

The movie is probably one of the hidden gems that got lost during the 80's slashers and werewolf themed films. I say this because one might have different expectancy after reading the synopsis and the tag lines.

For me (a big horror and art movies fan) it was one of those rare films which didn't just deliver sensations (fear, edge of the seat experience, etc.), but also provides a clear and thoughtful message that stays with you after the credits roll.

For those who like symbolism, mysticism, there is a lot to discover in this movie.

Although there is no other resemblance, except the profound Eco message, i would put it together with "Emerald Forest"(Earth theme)and the more artsy "Embrace of the Serpent"(Civilization theme).

For me, as an animal and nature lover, it had a similar impact, mostly because this was intertwined with the themes of the movies I've mentioned above. Also deals with the fact the every progress of mankind means also some regress as well(technology vs senses/empathy).

Scripting and acting wise it isn't very spectacular, but compensates with good camera-work and concept/message. It will age well and will be relevant in the next decade too.

Highly recommended!

Reviewed by michaelmonson-23176 6 / 10

Exciting but corny ending

  • I like how it doesn't show the antagonist until the end. - Exciting story,that keeps you guessing, until the corny ending. - Well performed by all actors. - Top notch cinematography. - Anti-American & anti-capitalist narrative is naive. **** apparently I need more lines I was trying to write a concise review for people who want to read a brief analysis of the motion-picture in question. However instead I must continue to explain that this feature film is definitely worth watching. I would like to see a movie about the Holodomor, or the Great Potato Famine.

Reviewed by adrianovasconcelos 6 / 10

Odd flick

I watched WOLFEN when it first came out (1981, I think) and remember marveling at the "negative" effects, memorably when Finney makes love to Venora. I watched it again recently and, inexorably, those then special effects produced derision only from my children, who are used to computer effects. That said, I still enjoyed Finney's laid-back performance, Hines' snappy lines, and the wolves are gorgeous. Sadly, Olmos' qualities are wasted in a ludicrous role, Venora seems to be around just to appear in the above mentioned memorable lovemaking sequence, direction is patchy at best and the story takes a great deal of suspending your disbelief. Oddly, there is something surprisingly good natured about this purported horror flick.

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