Love Me Tender


Drama / Musical / Romance / Western

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Elvis Presley as Clint Reno
Debra Paget as Cathy Reno
L.Q. Jones as Pardee Fleming
Dick Sargent as Confederate Soldier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 / 10

"Love Me Tender" brought to the movies one of the most popular entertainers of all time, Mr. Rock 'N' Roll himself, Elvis Presley…

Why 20th Century Fox felt that starring him in a Western would be successful is merely academic… When Elvis broke into gyrations and song, audiences were electrified…

The story—filmed in black-and-white CinemaScope— was about a bunch of Confederate soldiers who stole a Union Army payroll and then discover that, just five days ago, Lee had surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, ending the Civil War…

Hiding the money, The Reno brothers (Richard Egan, William Campbell, and James Drury) decide to use it for themselves, and return home to the family farm and their kid brother Clint…

Presley was cast as a Texas farm boy who marries his cavalry-man brother's sweetheart when news of his brother's death filters through… But the brother—played by Richard Egan isn't dead at all and incurs Presley's jealousy by resuming his friendship with his former sweetheart the beautiful Cathy Reno (Debra Paget)… The situation went from bad to worse…

In his first motion picture, Elvis proved to be a rugged fighting man, a wonderful loving man and a terrific singing man… Hear him sing: "Let Me," "We're Gonna Move," "Poor Boy," and "Love Me Tender."

Reviewed by tbill1963 10 / 10

Not just another Elvis movie

This was a critically acclaimed introductory role for Elvis. This was not one of the more cheesy moneymakers that Col. Tom Parker stuck him with for the remainder of his career (Girl Happy or Blue Hawaii for instance).

Elvis showed great depth as an actor in his role as Clint Reno and also showed the potential to broaden his career from the premier musical superstar of our time into one of the crossover megastars that we see commonly today.

His music is an integral part of the movie but it isn't put on display the way his future movies do. When you watch this film, try to remember he hadn't done any of those 90-minute rock-n-roll videos with the likes of Ann-Margaret and Nancy Sinatra.

LOVE ME TENDER is worth viewing if the viewer is willing to set aside their preconceived expectations of "just another Elvis movie."

Reviewed by Shaolin_Apu 8 / 10

Hey, there is Elvis too

If you want to avoid the low-quality movies that Elvis unfortunately made during the 1960's you can still watch this piece. That the "King" is not in the main role gives the film more credibility and you can really say that Love Me Tender is a good movie. With Elvis only as a troubadour works fine and the film remains a proper western too.

Perhaps there has been better westerns too but the storyline in this one is enough interesting: a man returns from the American Civil War and finds his wife at home married to another man. With this marital mess and some other problems being solved Elvis drops in and offers some fresh music, or the music that was still fresh when the movie was being made. It is anyway relaxing to see the "King" in a most unspoiled context.

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